Porsche 911 electrical parts. Porsche parts suppliers online. Porsche 911 Carrera , 964, 993, 996, 997 and Boxster.

Replace your DME relay now before it lets you down.  Find a Porsche parts supplier online. Porsche 911 Carrera, 964, 993, 996 and Boxster are affected.

There is nothing so irritating as a Porsche 911 that doesn’t work. Vital to the running of your Porsche is the DME or fuel pump relay. Although Porsche electrical parts suffer from few faults, the relay can become unreliable with age. It is the single most common fault with a non starting or poor running Porsche 911, 964, 993, 996 or Boxster.

As the cars get older this component can malfunction leaving you stranded without warning.

Call a Porsche parts supplier and ask for a replacement relay; Advise them what age of Porsche and which model, Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2, 911 964 Carrera, 993 Carrera, 996 or Boxster.

A replacement relay is cheap and can be fitted in minutes by yourself. If you Porsche is running fine you can keep the old one as a spare.

If you suffer any type of intermittent running fault this relay is worth replacing .

NOTE; There is a manufacture date stamped on the relay. If your relay is older than 5 years its worth changing. Check yours.

worth changing. Check yours.