The 997 Turbo. A Freedom Machine.

With a price tag new of around £105,000 these were the the best road 911 that Porsche could supply in 2007, and now a few years later, it remains an astonishingly good car.
Mention Porsche Turbo to some people and it conjures up images of a flame throwing aggressive sports car. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Although these cars have immense high performance ability, I could quite happily let my Mum drive it (if I had no regard for the gorgeous 19″ Alloys). So docile and refined that anyone can drive them and all would enjoy it.
Pootle through traffic,with not a hiccup, pic up the pace as the traffic clears a little and it remains a pleasure.Head to Germany, let her stretch her legs……not a grumble, visit the Nurburgring, pay a few Euro’s and still you can expect this car to bring you home. As though nothing special has occurred. That’s the depth of engineering excellence that you can expect. Engineering excellence through years of motorsport.

On the open road you can find clear road more easily, pressing the pedal into the carpet, the car literally rockets forward, the turbo’s briefly proving overboost, very soon you are past whatever mere mortal is delaying you and now you can enjoy freedom once again. It’s lightening quick acceleration. However, it’s also a car that you need to exercise restraint with, such is the ability to cope with whatever you ask it, without drama, without fuss, you can be travelling mighty quickly. The fabulous brakes and the 4 wheel drive system give you the stability, but self discipline is required with most Porsche…and especially a 997 Turbo. No doubt you won’t be touching 190 mph daily, but it’s this level of engineering, which Porsche are so good at, that enables you to feel safe, to feel thrilled and to be able to enjoy your driving.

In the late ’70s when Porsche first offered a 911 turbo they said that it was aimed at the expert driver. Now, with the 997 Turbo, it remains something for the expert driver to enjoy, to be challenged by, but no longer must you be an expert to enjoy it safely. Such is the level of engineering technology.

So what’s the point? Well you don’t have to be driving flat chat to enjoy the car, a good Porsche will be a pleasure in a broad range of driving conditions.  The top speed, acceleration etc is a measure of the performance capability, the engineering and development to enable the car to perform to such a high level give you, the driver a feeling of great security at more normal levels, that engineering remains active whatever speed you travel..And it shines through.



Porsche 997 turbo