Through the clouds of economic misery we have actually enjoyed some business sunshine. Here at Adrian Crawford Ltd we have made some developments, (hopefully progress), and have enjoyed dealing with some beautiful Porsches and lovely people from all over the World. When I started 20 years ago I couldn’t have imagined that I would be sitting in a pleasant office, in a nice environment dealing with Porsche and shipping them off all over the place. Such is the power of the internet and the worldwide appeal of the Porsche product.

We deal with Porsche of all ages, although the 356 is a bit before my time, our new team member, Duncan Watts is a 356 enthusiast so no doubt we will see some of these gorgeous Porsche pass through before long. Duncan brings with him a keen knowledge of the newer Porsche marketplace, and with him on board we now are increasingly active in supplying the newer Porsche models to both trade and our private customers. I remain active with the 70s, 80s and 90s Porsche cars.

This summer we have supplied a wide range of Porsche, front, mid and rear engined, this includes 911 of all ages, Boxster and Cayman, 944, 968, several late 928 and Cayenne.

It seems to me that most good business’s those that have been around a while and look after their customers have had  enough business through these times. For us this means we enjoy a high percentage of repeat business (supplying some customers all their vehicles Porsche or otherwise) and referrals for which we are very grateful. I am sure there are easier jobs some days but we do get to meet some really nice people and have benefits that are impossible to quantify financially.

I often get asked which is my favourite Porsche, for me that is a difficult one, in fact that I like pretty much all Porsche, but there are some that capture my heart. A Porsche is never going to be simply ‘transport’, there’s plenty of cars that will provide adequate ‘transport’ for most purposes. No-one actually needs a Porsche.  So a Porsche is always purchased with the heart, and that means a different thing to different people. There are qualities that are very difficult to describe, it’s the emotion, the feel, the touch, the sound and the whole experience of the machine, the feeling of quality, of strength  of excitement…and that’s before you get behind the wheel. We are lucky aren’t we, to be able to enjoy such luxuries?