Saving Texas T….My wife doesn’t understand me. She has no idea why this Porsche is now in our stock. When I saw it in Texas, I wanted it, then found out a little more, and wanted it more. Let me tell you why;
First off, it’s unusual to find a 911 of this age that has remained ‘unrestored’. So many have had many restorations in their life and you must remember that they were worth so little, that a ‘restoration’ was really just a posh word for a bodge job. It kept them going so I suppose we should be thankful. But taking on a ‘previously bodged’ 911 is actually more difficult than taking an untouched car. You will probably have similar things to do if you want it done right, and have a little less to undo too.

That’s what we have here: This 2.2T has been stood outside slumbering since 1988. We don’t know why it stopped being used. All we know is that is stopped, sometime in 1988. The original Massachusett licence remains in the window and the cigarette ends in the ashtray. A time warp!

Although this does look pretty miserable, I found something else I liked, look at the colour in the ‘trunk’. Blood orange. this was originally a blood orange coupe and therefore takes top prize in my eyes. Fantastic. Checking her through, she isnt quite as rusty as one that had been ‘used’. Corrosion has taken hold in the places water collected, but others, like sills, kidneys, a posts are untouched. This is good news.

It had a good story too. The story doesn’t of course make it a better car, but certainly more interesting, and therefore of more value. Think of your kitchen table, prob not worth a great deal until it turns out The Queen sat there with a cup of tea and custard creams. The story here was that this 911 had been bought new by an American lady, she flew to Stuttgart to collect her new 911 direct from the factory,traveled through Italy and shipped her car home to Massachusetts from there. She must have really loved it. It even has the original books.

The details are right, all the little items that usually get changed out or lost over the years, the chrome washer jets, the ariel, the push button radio, the window surrounds, its all there. The speedo shows 62000 miles and the drivers seat has never been damaged or recovered. It looks to me a very ‘original’ 911.

What we will do is Graham will strip her all the way back to a bare shell, we will sand blast, remove any rotten metal and weld in new, paint in the original colour, open the engine and rebuild, clean, refurbish or replace every component before reassembling. We wont make the interior ‘new’. After all anything can be brought ‘new’, we would rather leave some of the laughter lines in her, they too tell the story.

It’s a fair bit of work, but we have the ability, we have the team and I cant wait, to be the first person to sit in and turn the key. I want to drive this 911. I want to put miles on her, enjoy it for the pleasure of driving, it is a thrill. I want to get her back to the same way as when that lucky first owner drove her through the Factory gates 42 years ago.

We have the benefit of skilled hands here and have almost finished a similar 911 T from 1971. Albeit this Ivory white Targa was in very good shape to start with. We stripped, checked, cleaned, buffed, re machined, replaced, refurbished  and have just sold this little darling.

porsche williams crawford restoration 911 t 1971 targa