I have always taken an interest in the 996 GT2. Twin turbo, 2 wheel drive, light, no driver aids ….this is the type of thing that gets my attention. So when I had a call from a finance company asking for advice on one that they needed to liquidate my ears pricked up. Yes I was interested.

My mistake was mentioning to my wife that I was looking at buying a GT2 known in some circles as the‘widow maker’. She completely lost her sense of humour and insisted I be particularly careful. Irt wasn’t what I had in mind.

I went to see the beast and it was looking rather sorry for itself.  Who on earth could treat a supercar like this?  Every panel had marks scratches small dents. It was Spanish registered, lhd and had clearly been living in the city, with split bumpers, dinks all over it and that’s not all.  All around the left rear wheel arch massive circular scratches, it must have been driven with a shredded tyre…no service history…hmmm. I checked it over and it seemed surprisingly healthy.  I had a trade buyer in Germany and I knew this wasn’t one for me to keep and retail so deal done.

What did I think of it to drive? Sadly my wife had nothing to worry about, it started dribbling coolant within five miles meaning I was buying bottled water and every 8 miles having to top up. I limped it to a friend’s Porsche repair shop and had to leave it there to be fixed and my German buyer would collect . A new coolant pipe and all was fixed but that’s as far as I drove it. Top speed, about 50mph, mpg it used more water than fuel, about 18 miles per gallon. Perhaps my wife had cut the coolant pipe…