Reasons to be cheerful

1. My lovely continental orange Porsche 968 tip cabriolet.
Well this one is gone now and living with a lovely gentleman in Munich, (thank you Carsten). I really liked this car. Perhaps there is no sense to it but I liked the colour, it was unique and so uplifting. Every time I walked past this 968 it made me feel good. I liked driving it, I liked being ‘part’ of the colour behind the wheel, and with the roof down, the wind in your hair it felt great. I think maybe in such a bold colour I felt freedom, freedom from the normal restraint of blue grey black silver. A real pleasure. It had a tiptronic gearbox which suited the character of this car perfectly. Also condition was part of it too. It was like a car that was 3 years old, just a feeling of superb quality, plus knowing that it had been taken extra care of all its life, it meant that there is a responsibility to continue taking care of it. And I like caring for things. Superb.


2. A Grand Prix white Porsche 964 C4 stole my heart.
Having purchased this immaculate 964 in Tokyo, we discovered that it had been modified with Bilstein suspension, set low and stiff, plus a few other nice upgrades. Usually I am not a lover of ‘modifications’. Too often the ‘mods’ are poorly thought out and only offer ‘bragging rights’ in a car park. But this 964 really did work better than the original, the handling was fabulous, way sharper than normal. It inspired confidence, communication with the driver, in short it felt great.  This was a hoot to drive on the road.  Yes a newer car does lots of things better on paper, but it cant match the feeling I got from driving this 964.  I found a like minded chap in the South of France.  Mark is the Captain of a rather plush Superyacht, after contacting me, we prepared the car, met him at the airport and with fondness waved this one goodbye.  Our new owner contacted me to say that he had enjoyed a brilliant trouble free run to Marseilles and he’s looking forward to whipping around the twisty open roads found in his area in the 911. I think he is going to wear through those new Bridgestone’s pretty quick.

3. The 911 time machine.
Going back in time to when our local Porsche centre was called Parkes of Exeter, it was a red brick building and my Dad had a 911 2.4 Targa. I loved the look of the various Porsche in that showroom and as soon as I could bought my first 911. This 911 Carrera 3.2 Sport cabriolet transported me back in time, if ever a PORSCHE could smile this car would.  Supplied to the last owner by Porsche Exeter way back in 1991 with only 6000 miles, it must have been a special day for him. He paid £30,000 cash and the receipt is with the car. In fact every little detail is with the car down to the car care kit that was supplied at point of sale. Although now with 42000 miles, this 911 feels like new to drive and is a joy. It is a Time Warp.  The owner took great care with his car, for it still feels so responsive and tight. From the moment you open the drivers door, it feels right, the drivers seat, fells bright and like new, the grain on the wheel, the turn of the key. Nothing feels worn. It’s the same on the road, ultra precise, responsive, it has a solidity, a sense that one could own this car for another 20 years and nothing would change. It’s an automotive masterpiece……just as it was in 1989. This is one that I would love to keep, sadly they all must sooner or later go to a new home. In this case it must be a good home.