Even for a hardened car dealer selling this 911 almost brought a tear to my eye.  It was one I should have kept and of the 100’s of superb  Porsche I have had, this would be the one that I would want most in my dream garage. This 964/965 Turbo II was very very special, not one of my usual dead original dead standard Porsche…….this one was more of an adventure.

I called it the devils own, in fact I would have wanted to keep it for me!

I called it the devils own, in fact I would have wanted to keep it for me!

This was ‘my’ red Porsche 964 Turbo II.  For those of you that have never tried one I can guarantee that as you shut the door it feels special. A dead standard original example is superb. With a 3.3 Turbo gently pushing from behind, these are refined and make long distance travel an absolute pleasure. They effortlessly cover the ground.

Cut to this 964 Turbo. I bought it a few years ago in Germany from a Doctor. He had been to town. We had a huge file of invoices yet we knew we dindt have them all. How much was spent on this 911 was a mystery, however the invoices we did have were in excess of £30,000, on top of what the car cost him new.

It had a 3.4 conversion with twin spark heads, a huge dustbin sized distributor with 12 leads sprouting from the top, special cams, exhaust, turbo, waste gate, tight lsd, then Ruf suspension and Techart wheels.

This thing absolutely flew. It was a rocket. Every time I shifted gear it made me take a gasp. I came out of a roundabout with a Honda Fireblade behind, obviously expecting easy pickings, well it rather suprised him. Docile at low rpm, a bit clattery a low revs from the garbox as it had a lightweight solid flywheel. Behind the wheel it felt like there was nothing to touch it on the road, a great feeling. On top of which it was a complete fully sorted package, with superb suspension, it felt about as secure as a rocket propelled 911 could on the road. There are not so many modified Porsche that are as complete as this.

It wasnt a ‘race ‘ car like an RS. Inside the original electric seats, air con, soundproofing, all the luxuries of this flagship Porsche were still intact, hidden under this was a comprehensively redeveloped 911 turbo. This was fantastic.  A challenge for a skilled driver for sure.

I sold it abroad to a chap who was handy enough behind the wheel thank goodness.  In conversation a month later I asked how it was going?  Rather well it seemed. 192 mph and needed new tyres 2000 miles later.

This 911 was addictive.