In a previous blog I mentioned that we had been asked to renovate a 1979 Porsche 911 3.0Sc for a client in Ireland. I thought you might like to see the end result, here she is.

It takes such a time to get all the details right and its the detail that makes the difference, using the right screws, the right rubbers, the correct gaps and so on. patience, attention to detail and product knowledge are all required in abundance. Buying and selling 997 is an easier task. This was hard work, but really rewarding.

The body was already good, without corrosion or damage, therefore it was mostly just cosmetic paintwork required. The front had already been dismantled and re painted when we got the car, so this was a matter of putting it back together, waxoyling as we went, replacing or refinishing items that required it. The rear we stripped to bare metal, removing the rear screen, the targa hoop, replacing all the seals and gaskets, removing the rear wiper, cutting holes in the left door for a left mirror, welding the engine cover and finally painting in the original solid black to match the rest of the car. Gallons of waxoyl  were used in the hope this 911 would last another 20 years. We also fitted inner wing shield to offer lasting protection from muck and debris. The 16″ Fuchs wheels were refinished and new Bridgestone SO2 fitted and balanced.

New lights, new beading, seals and gaskets were used. All the time checking alingment and replacing clips and fittings. A new loom was made for the left mirror, usung the correct Porsche tape to encase it and the correct changeover switch.

The interior was dismantled, new carpet to the original design and spec was fitted to the center floor and the front floormats replaced, we refurbished the heater control between the seats, the pedals got new rubbers, the throttle pedal new. New OE speakers  were placed int he original undamaged door trims a new water membrane fitted and window felt replaced.  New door pockets replaced the typically warped originals. The seats were in good condition but were dismantled for repainting of the brackets and replacing the tilt mechanism wire. We even repaired the original quartz clock rather than replacing it. The clocks each have a build date on them which should of course be a little earlier than the build date of the car so keeping them original seemed like a nice touch. A more modern Becker stereo finished it off with a hidden IPOD lead in the glove box. The Targa roof received a new OE cover, new headlining and new seals front and rear were fitted first dry then glued in.

The gearbox and clutch were known to be good , but the engine was dismantled to cure an oil leak, inspected, new piston rings, seals, gaskets and a few other tweeks that  Andy Moss at Sportscar Services in Honiton thought worthwhile. Andy also cleaned and refinished the motor, replacing the exhaust system with a full stainless steel set up which sounds superb and adds a little torque to the bottom end. Engine tinware and crossmember were powder coated as were various other brackets on the underside of the car.

We replaced the front luggage carpet with a new high quality carpet, not original but so much nicer than the cheap item originally supplied. fitted it out with new tools, a tyre inflator, hardwired a battery optimiser and even refinished the spare wheel.

Having assembled the 911 and made a 4 wheel alignment and final check, next on the list was a good test drive. That was my job.

For this, I took it on a trip to Newquay, a journey of about 150 miles, on twisting B roads and fast A roads. It performed superbly. Great fun on the open road, a lovely responsive and urgent motor just willing you to press harder. With the steering wheel communicationg every change in road surface and tyre loading,  it was an absolute pleasure.  You can cover ground really well and get yourself into proper trouble if you forget the speed. It was wonderful. Much like I remember a 911 SC from when I was a lad…..

The last job was preparing the cosmetics. For this we empoyed the best chap we knew of. Simon Belli runs a business called Prestige Detailing in Exeter. Simon isnt cheap. Nor is he average. He charges for his work but his work is to a standard way above anything I have seen before. This chap works and works, using all sorts of machinery, compoiunds, modern waxes and materials to make his subjects gleam in a way you wouldnt belive. He is all the time inspecting the paint with a bright light, scrutinising it for the smallest of flaws and eradicating them on sight. He took two days buffing and polishing and although hard to see in the pictures, it was incredible, flawless to my eyes. On solid black thats some task.

Several months of work, 6 visits from the client, 100’s of man hours and many different top class specialists we had a 32 year old 911 that was almost too good to use. However, a 911 can be used, and should be used, thats the attraction, reliability without fuss. Even at this age.

It has now been collected by the owner and driven back to his home in Ireland where I feel certain it will be appreciated and cherished.