I always get  a thrill to see a Porsche as close to the way it rolled of the production line and love the thought of  experiencing a Porsche exactly as the way it was intended to be when it was new.

Clearly this desire has it’s practical limitations.

Experiencing what Porsche intended with a newer model such as the 2007 model Turbo that has just passed through our hands  isn’t too hard. At 22000 miles this turbo was without any discernible wear, no niggles no squeaks, exactly as Porsche wanted.

Low mileage 997 tt in cobalt blue

But when you roll the years back further it becomes all the more difficult. We strive to get all our classic Porsche functioning correctly, however this is a challenge, it costs time and money as not all have remained in standard form, typically small faults are left unresolved and the car gradually drifts away from the optimum. Then of course you have the  slow accumulation of wear and tear. However, this is par for the course and it’s our job to try as best we can to bring them back to a correctly functioning Porsche which can be enjoyed.

So when we get in our possession a Porsche that is almost exactly the way it was when it rolled out those gates in Stuttgart it is a real thrill.

And two have come along this month and another next month (which I will report on in due course).

What a design, the 928S4 side profile.

First the Porsche 928S4 . This one is from 1990 with 40 odd thousand miles. That’s a spit in the ocean for what was, back 22 years ago their top of the range motor car. The list price of circa £65000 was a fortune 22 years ago.  The 928 had a surprisingly  long production run, starting for 1977, winning car of the year in 1978 and ending production in 1995. In that time it went from a 4.5 V8 through to eventually a 5.4 with the GTS. Hand built to a very high standard, these Porsche seem to  attract a small but very dedicated group of enthusiasts. It’s a Porsche that many folk know little about, but those that do know, are smitten.



The 928S4 still is stunning.

There has never been a time that the 928 hasn’t made an impact. To me, they seem so unique, imagine in 1977 it was the launch of the Mark IV Cortina, MG were still producing the MGB and this 928 Porsche must have looked like it came from outer space. Even now, I look at at it, and marvel at the boldness of the design, yet its beautiful too. So many new cars are now made to be bold, but not beautiful. The 928 is fluid, beautiful and effective.




928 S4 , beautiful and practical too.

Ours is in special order Polar Silver and looks almost ‘as new’. It is a real pleasure to be able to experience it. Back in 1990 I wouldn’t have been in the market for a new one, but now I have something that is almost ‘new’, certainly as close as it needs to be. A fantastic car, smooth, comfortable and quite you could expect. What surprises is that on the open road, it is agile, a chassis that is rewarding yet relaxing as it has such a good innate balance, it covers the ground magnificently, it doesn’t feel large from behind the wheel. It feels special, it feels classy, it feels like quality and has that great Porsche solidity too. Most of all, I feel cool driving it.

Next a 911.  As you would know I go through a lot of very fine 911 so it’s difficult to pick out one for this blog. However this 911 Supersport stands out. It is in the Iconic guards red. A poster car. It is a rare works turbo look which meant not just the body of a turbo, but all the chassis too, the turbo brakes, wheels and suspension. All that remained was the normal 231 hp 3.2 non turbo flat six. It appears only 175 Works turbo look targa were made in 1986 and just 68 for the uk rhd market, the Targa being the rarest.

Mint low mile 911 Supersport Targa

Mint low mile 911 Supersport Targa

This is an 86 model with only 38000 original miles. It again looks like brand new. I have driven it and thoroughly enjoyed the features and feelings that Porsche offered over 26 years ago. Those were; Looks that stop people in the street both young and old, a shape that must be one of the most widely recognised in the World. Even in the middle of nowhere I imagine it would be the  first recognised and then the 911.

The sound, well who needs me to describe that unique air cool music, the solidity, the quality and the feedback from the car. No other car rewards a good driver like an air cool 911.

No longer do I need to drive it like my life depends on it, I can enjoy a 911 like this on a trip to the corner store for milk, or on a road trip to the South of France. I’ve tried both. And a 911 like this will not disappoint. You will hop out, after running it to empty, feeling enthused, relaxed, inspired and in charge , fill her up and go on again. Simple fab. And probably why very few low mile 911 like this exist.

Porsche 911 SS Targa from 1986 and like new.

No apologies for the cost of purchasing one of this quality, will you regret it?  No way.

Next month I have a Porsche arriving that is from 1993 with 12000 miles. It’s green and very rare. I m going to be letting you know what that is like too.

p.s. You don’t have to find a museum piece to enjoy a Porsche. In fact it may be that something with a bit more ‘character’ a bit more mileage will suit you better. The important thing is in my mind that it ‘works properly’, and this is what we aim for with each of our used Porsche whatever the age.