Found…..a  NEW / OLD Porsche.

This 968 Cabriolet is a rare car in its own right, not so  many were built and in the period, 92-94 Porsche were struggling with sales, both in Europe and here in the UK although some markets were very strong.

One of the biggest purchasers of Porsche at that time was Japan. Mizwa Porsche, (the importers)  were flying. Alas, by the mid /late 90’s Mizwa had rather upset Porsche and fell from favour. I understand there was little flexibility shown by the Germans and a stubborness by the Japanese. Oh dear.  And it was in Japan where we found this special car.




With just 20150km it is barely run in. Unlike some Porsche that we find this one hasnt been asleep, it seems to have been used every year, but not much. And its been beautifully looked after too. I can see that its lived indoors, there is no sun , rain or pollution damage on the paint, no fading of the hood and absolutely no sign of it being used wet.




It’s great to experience, it has the feel of a new car, you know just the grain of the leather on the steering wheel and gearshift, the firmness of the seats and that slightly bouncy feel tat all new cars seem to have. Almost as though nothing has settled yet.

Registered on the 28th september 1992, we are hoping to have a new owner for it in time for it’s 20th birthday. But what should we do to celebrate? Any ideas welcome. My idea is on the 28th to make a video test drive of it.

Experiencing a Porsche as it was meant to be, 20 years after leaving the Factory.

I love finding unique cars like this, it happens very seldom, more often than not we need to service them and fettle them back to where they belong but this one, a full service will be all that is needed. There are no suprises here in store.

We must mention the colour too. I originally thought it to be Viper Green but found out that she was signal green. I knew this would be rare , but how rare? As far as I can tell, contacting the relevant people in Germany, Europe and the US this may be the only cabrio in this colour. I searched the web and found only pics of my own car and that of a coupe which I wanted to buy last year in the same hue.

I certainly cannot find mention or records of any other signal green convertible. It may be the only one….  The most outrageous colour but one which has rarely seen the light of day!

Inside is Studio cloth, an option offered in the late 80’s and early 90’s, this too is ultra rare.

I hope we find an appreciative new home for this 968, it’s one of those truly unique opportunities and I doubt if I will ever experience such a fine, true, as new Porsche 968 ever again, let alone a green one.

Next week we are off to view a 12 year old boxster with less than 4000 miles.  Great fun.