I was discussing this with a customer , he had come in to buy a Porsche  with no clear idea of what he wanted other than he wanted something to keep and pass on to his children. I was wondering what had set him off in this direction, no one actually needs a Porsche, there are plenty of cars that a function well enough for transport. But many of us really desire a Porsche. But where does the idea start. It got me thinking about my ‘desire’.

Now way back, and I mean when I was just a spotty teenager riding a Raleigh Chopper my Dad had a motorcycle shop.  I was able to drive from the age of 10 and enjoyed moving cars around the premises. At that age this was just brill and any car would do. You could get a fair speed up to through the gateway and also you could do a fair bit of damage when you judged it wrong too.

Anyway, as this spotty teenager I loved cars and none more so than a fellow motorcycle dealer from Taunton. What he had was far better in my mind then the local builder who ran around in a new Lamborghini Countach. For some  reason, probably related to me reading Motorsport magazine rather than my text books, I loved racing and therefore a Porsche was ‘it’. A car developed on the race track. It had purpose.

And our Taunton based hero would visit in a light green metallic 911 (930) Turbo.

It looked like it was fresh from blasting at 180mph down the Mulsanne straight at Le Mans.  This was  the business. And ever since I rather fancied a light green Turbo.

I was made up a few years ago when this turned up and briefly I owned it, and then a German gent decided he liked it too and it was gone. Here it is.






It was brief but I loved that SC. Then yesterday I got lucky. No not like that. Like this;






Not exactly as I remember. And certainly not a slow, old, podgy, middle aged  relic. This one has already had two decades of excitement and that hasn’t dampened its vigour.

In fact this one has been on some sort of potency plan. Rather like offered on all those emails. But more expensive.

This 930 Turbo definitely reminds me of the origins of my love of Porsche, It could even be the same original car although as a ’85 model it would suggest I am younger than I really am. It is that same light green, it is a 930 and boy it does everything I ever dreamt of when sat on my Raleigh Chopper staring in the window.


With bills for £45000 in the file, this old girl still does the business. In fact it would blow the doors off an original 930. The idea of the last owner was simple. I imagine he walked into the various tuning shops and simply said ‘faster’ and slammed down his credit card.

With a highly worked over motor, the right suspension, and big Brembo stoppers  it would be all you need. Not all this owner needed. He put his 930 on a diet. This chap must have been growing money on trees. He put on lightweight panels, the engine lid, doors, bonnet, then lightweight bumpers, lightweight front wings, lightweight seats, lightweight wheels, and removed all sorts of things that Porsche originally thought important but maybe not essential.


The only things he seems to have actually added is power, more power, race harnesses and a half roll cage. The later two probably are under the ‘desirable’ heading.

So what is this like? ITS A BEAST!





With an estimated 450 hp, boy does this go. It is so fast. With meter long flames from the exhaust when you come off the throttle quickly, pin sharp handling and  powerful brakes with adjustable balance. This 911 turbo is some where between Ruff and Race. Wherever it sits, race or road this os one very exciting weapon.

We shall be offering it for sale soon and could make it more track, race or road orientated to suit your own desire.

Whatever is chosen, its the stuff of boyish dreams.

Passion, heritage, purpose, its not simply for going  ‘from here to there’. Its much more.

The car my customer bought? Here it is, all but like new.