Our restoration department is widely respected for our Factory correct restoration work. These skills are also used for creating Bespoke Porsche for clients. Some fantastic Porsche result. Here is the story of our born again, clean Green 911.

This 911 is the result of  a conversation with one of our enthusiast client who wished to have the style of an early 70’s 911 but with the practicality and performance of a later car.

The brief was clear, this was to be a 911 for day to day use, to travel whenever or wherever required, to take our client to meetings throughout the UK. He chose colours, specification, style, trim. The result is a unique 911 that is both stylish, it is classy but remains very eye catching.

Once the concept was decided, we needed to find a base car and found this 1979 Porsche 911 SC.  It arrived with us after having been abandoned in a garage for 14 years and was in a rather sad state, needing to be given some serious love. At some point in its life a previous owner had a good go at disguising it as a 964 fitting various later parts in an attempt to meet a vison they must have had in mind, sadly they did not complete the job well and this poor little Porsche was left to languish. Fast forward to 2015 and we step in, it was the perfect starting point for our build.

At first glance she doesn’t look too bad – There’s obvious rust on the front wing and clearly has been off the road for a while but we have done this many times and we know that what lies on the surface bares little relation to what you find the further you look. 

As with all our cars we do detailed assessments when they first arrive. Usually putting a couple of members of staff on to each car for investigation and process planning. We call this Phase 1 and we think it’s the right thing to do, we know and the client knows what they are getting involved with. From there intelligent decisions can be made. 

We are happy to give advice should you be considering purchasing a classic or having a classic Porsche bespoke build. Putting your project in the right hands, with the right skills is paramount to  the journey you will undertake with the restoration shop and the quality of the end product, We take this really seriously placing value in openness, and honesty. Contact us for a chat.

The restoration team here is headed up by Graham Kidd renowned Porsche restorer and all round good guy. Our team set to work stripping the body and ascertaining the extent of corrosion. Components are assesed for condition and suitability as they are removed, repair, refinish or replace. Decisions are made on the body, and the hard work of cutting out corroded metal (and fresh air) and replacing it with new begins. The basis of the donor body takes shape. In this case you can see from the pictures the extent of hidden corrosion that must be dealt with correcly to provide a 911 worthy of our name and the Porsche name.

There are a huge amount of photographs for this project I could include many many more but these give you a really good idea of the work that has gone into preparing the shell, all the usual rot in all the usual places.

Once the corrosion was dealt with the process of dry fitting new panels (in this case resembling the early 70’s 911) began. Even items such as the spotlamps need specially made bracketing and dry fitting prior to getting near the paint shop.

The paint. This is one of the most exciting choices a client must make, few arrive with an exact idea. For this client we too’d and froe’d between a number of different colours, greens, yellows, buffs , all from a past era until finally settling on this gorgeous reed green.

After a fair bit of research this retro and unusual colour was tested and approved.  It’s a 1960’s VW original named Reed Green and it’s an absolute cracker, everyone (including the customer) was nervous as to what it was going to look like but we needn’t have worried because it looks completely brilliant. As soon as she arrived back we had people all over it, it made a splash on social media and we just couldn’t wait to get the customer in to view it for the first time. He was happy as Larry.. and so he should be. We don’t think we would have been brave enough to spec this colour…..but what you like is always best and we have to say  we are all super chuffed with it!

Paintwork checked and a few small issues resolved, we decided on black for the stone chip as it was to be a driver not a show car and went ahead with coating all necessary areas.

Whilst the body is being built, the mechanical s received a full work over, to enable a swift re assembly.  Things  move really fast from here many details need sorting and deciding so a close relationship with the client is essential. The last thing he would want is to be forced into making ‘instant’ decisions or us making style choices for him.


Over on the other side of the workshop Dean re builds the engine, a  3200 cc from a G series Carrera. This will make our light and lean green 911 fly, whilst giving it durability, torque and clean running and hot and cold starting.   Dean fitted a full SSI Style Exhaust which flows  more freely and hikes power and torque. Heat Exchangers  remain for efficient heating and a K&N style air filter is fitted giving a cleaner look to the engine bay and maybe a little improved breathing.  While we talk aesthetics Dean also colour coded the Engine shroud and Fan. Power wise when new these put out a recorded 231 Bhp with the addition of the SSI exhaust we confidently anticipate power to improve and with the weight saving from the bumpers and panels our client is going to enjoy peddling his green rocket.

Every time we pass the car it looks different, it’s always really great watching Bespoke Builds come together. The point at which it starts to come together happens really swiftly. It’s here where Graham and Becky have the attention to detail and the knowledge to make on the spot detail decisions that are essential for the overall effectiveness of the build. It must be right.

The client chose a beige/off white headliner, which Graham fits, its a fiddly job, done poorly looks a mess, done right it simply….right. Those of us with two left hands watch in wonder! That’s why we call him a Master Craftsman! .

Here we have finally fitted custom built seats in a leather which surpasses the quality of modern Porsche, and that old style houndstooth cloth qworks with the whole concept perfectly. The carpets are int he traditional salt and pepper shade and custom made for this build, that is one of Becky’s responsibilities. It looks superb.

porsche 911 custom seats, retro seats, sports seats, houndstooth, williams crawfordYou can see the Porsche classic sound and navigation system installed, the steering wheel, gearshift and custom made leather openers on the doors.

porsche 911 hot rod, custom rear shelf, classic, williams crawford


Below some of the underside detail. The suspension is corner balanced, aligned and checked, the refurbished original Fuchs wheels fitted with fresh rubber, suspension entirely rebuilt, ride height set and those hidden bits sorted. There are quicker and cheaper ways of achieving ‘the look’ but those compromises will result in a different end result. Even though there was a budget applied to this build, and it was for driving not showing, it’s a 911 we are proud of and will work.

porsche 911hot rod, custom, classic, williams crawford, engine, ssi

P1290695 porsche 911 hot rod, Nardi wheel, custom, classic, williams crawford porsche 911 green, rear, hot rod, custom porsche, classic, williams crawford, restoration services porsche 911 green hot rod, custom, classic, williams crawford

We are proud of it.

The client is delighted.

For more information on our Bespoke Porsche Builds we welcome a  call or drop us an email .

Should you like to discuss any aspects of this build, wish to have high quality work carried out to your own Porsche we are here.

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The next one you will see is a fabulous bespoke build on a 964…….with supercharger, 4 wheel drive and some very subtle changes.