Fun Fridays at Williams Crawford.   See a 911 2.7S Coupe naked.

Porsche 911 2.7 s at williams crawford.

This is one of my favourite models of classic 911. The simple, clean and relatively inexpensive 911 2.7 S.

Our little friend here is a very pretty car that the new buyer wanted to improve before delivery to Germany.

We are undertaking a light fettling. Rebecca has removed all glass, removed and stripped the bumpers, sills, underpanels, ligts, handles and engine.  The motor and transmission are being serviced out of the car by Graham, a new clutch fitted and new Toyo performance rubber fitted. Initially we were got very excited and wanted to change it to slate grey.

However, its a lovely original car and Ivory is rare. So Ivory white 132 it is. Here she is getting naked.