If you love, drive and use your Porsche you’ll be a little fussy, you’ll also be careful about who looks after her. We tackle a 964 RS.

For their owners many cars are simply irreplaceable, this 964RS Lightweight was one such car….

A local gentleman came to us having owned his gorgeous 964 RSL for 12 years and having used it thoroughly as Porsche intended…it came in showing what antique dealers call patina…..

Dear Adrian,

You know from our recent meeting how thrilled i am with the work your team has carried out to the RS. I just wanted to record my thanks to you personally for you expert advice and oversight of the project, and to Becky and Graham for their exceptional work and attention to detail. Your enthusiasm for the project has been infectious. The car now looks and feels as it must have done when it first left the factory in Stuttgart twenty three years ago. Thanks also to Richard, Megan and the rest of your team who have been unfailingly professional and helpful.

Best Wishes David.

IMG_3642 Porsche 964 RSL in amethyst metallic
964 RSL in amethyst metallic

David loved his Porsche but didn’t keep it on a pedastal. Instead, he enjoyed it. The rush of the scenery passing, the smell of the hard worked brakes, the thrill of flying through Eau Rouge and the scream of the flat six when worked hard.

All power to the gent, he has clearly used it as intended, for driving. Driving properly.

I recommend using your Porsche……although looking at them is nice, they are designed as driving machines and using them as intended is the real deal.

The years of fun and excitement had taken their toll, she drove well, but not as well as she should or could. She still looked good, but every painted panel had given something in the pursuit of driving pleasure. Our job was to breath new life into her. To refresh the parts needed to bring it back to it’s best.

We were really thrilled to be envolved especilaly being given a free hand to do the right thing, we love porsche and enhancing and honoring any Porsche is a wonderful thing.

In this case we considered doing some localised paint repairs, but whatever panel we painted, it would leave its adjacent panel looking worse and we certainly did not want a 964 RS that had a mismatch. Therefore a decision was made to completely repaint the outer panels. whilst preserving originality and aiming  to make her look like no one had been there before, yet to leave some ‘patina’ visible. We didn’t want to destroy the originality of a accident free RS we wanted to preserve and enhance her for another 10+ years of fun.

P1090966The decision was made to do a very fine repaint, good enough that wherever you looked, it would be difficult to evidence having been repainted….other than there would be no flaws, chips or scratches. A light, delicate touch was required…significantly more difficult than simply fully repainting. We retained all signs of originality. No detail was missed. The correct original paint was obtained and sampled to make certain it was a duplicate of the original. The factory finish would have had a certain amount of normal orange peel and we wanted to duplicate that. The aim was to do as the factory had done.

IMG_7869New rubbers, gaskets, brackets and fittings were sourced, new lenses fitted and all panels adjusted for perfect alignment. We took the magnesium wheels and first crack tested them before carefully refinishing and wrapping in fresh rubber.

We made some repairs to the leather seat ensuring the grain of the leather and the line of the stitching matched the original. We refinished some of the
instruments to fix that 964 issue of the faces peeling. We fixed the clock, the interior lights, the speakers and much more. During the build we found other little issues that would have normally escaped unoticed and we were able to fix now rather than wait for failure in the future.

Having put it back together with such care it seemed a shame to drive it. However….here is the hard part of my job…..I had to test it.

During the road test I discovered various little issues, things that had gradually worn or slipped over the years and this led to a visit to the other side of the shop for some spannering. Nothing serious – bushes, alignment adjustments but oftern these fine details are often missed in regular servicing and many mechanics haven’t developed the knowledge or feel for how these cars should perform when everything is spot on. These may be small things but together they all add up and it’s the combination of engineering precision that makes Porsche, well Porsche.

A week or so later the team had finsihed these final touches and time for another test. Now I remember why the 964 RS is so good. It talks, it’s willing, it communicates, it’s immediate, it’s agile…..the sound, the feel and the thrill. It fits like a glove and soon becomes an extension of you. It grumbles and screams, it bumps and leaps and it makes you feel pleased to be alive and privileged to have the opportunity to experience such a wonderful car.

To all those folk that use their Porsche we salute you.

The result of our work; as the gentleman says in his note at the top of this page – We made his RS significantly younger, better than he had ever experienced. We worked with care, understanding and intelligence. We made it appear untouched,using factory correct finishes, our work was seamless and she was now operating just as she should. we were pleased and more importantly David was really happy when we presented it back to him. Smiles like his stay in mind the longest.

Another fantastic Porsche released back to the roads. A job very well done.

In our normal service operation our Porsche specialist technicians take great care and act professionally with any of the Porsche we service but we recognize that some Porsche clients require an extra level of care and attention an menu servicing might not be the right thing. The best quote for paintwork or a quick turnaround is not the right way to go about it. Of course value is important but having this work carried out carefully and honoring what makes these cars special is value in its own right.

Should you feel that getting it right is more important than getting the price right, should you wish to tap into our in depth experience of the special cars, if you are fussy, want special care, understanding, attention to detail and expertise applied to your prized Porsche, if the job is difficult, or you worry about who to trust ….do call and speak to Adrian or Richard, advice is free and you’ll soon get the feeling of being in safe hands. Let us help you get the very best from your special Porsche.

Adrian Crawford.

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