Porsche 996 C4S sunsset

Heading into the sunset. Porsche 996 C4S arriving for sale.

Collected today, I just had a great 250 miles drive south in this totally immaculate C4S. Its been mollycoddled and it shows.The C4S is a Works Turbo Look, an idea Porsche first introduced in 1984 with a 911 Carrera 3.2, that is offering a 911 Turbo but without the Turbo motor. Thats what we have here, 3.6 normally aspirated, but turbo wide body, suspension, brakes etc. Note no rear fin just the speed sensitive electric spoiler. A very pleasant way to head home.

These are fabulous Porsche with fantastic driving qualities. They stop, steer and thrill. Yet are easy to live with.Good ones like this I predict will do well.

Call now if you fancy one of these special 911.