Our 38 year old rust free 911.


You may not be old enough to remember Ziebart protection. Back in the 70’s when cars rusted out at an alarming rate, those long term thinkers could ‘invest’ in Ziebart protection. But like many of these profitable extras does it really work?

911 2.7S coupe silverWell here is our 1977 911S.  Although a galvanized model they still rust and usually by this age they will have needed some metalwork if they have been on the road.

Cars are no longer built to last like one of these late 70’s Porsche, at which time Porsche were pursuing the ideal of a car lasting not 10 years (the average back then) but 25 years. The Ziebart was a belt and braces approach by a previous owner.
We thank that man!

This is the first 911 we have seen that had been so treated. All the box sections were drilled and a thick wax injected into them, an equally messy substance was sprayed over exposed panels. All this aimed at preventing corrosion. Then rubber plugs inserted into the holes.

IMG_3375You can see on the sills the rubber bungs in the box sections where the magic substance was injected.


And here on the engine slam panel again the drilled holes to enable access o the box sections.

IMG_4579 IMG_4585Our 77 911 S (see it in the for sale section) proves Ziebart worked.

The body is exceptional, all we did was dismantle, repair the scratches and dents and repaint and re assemble. Quite remarkable.