Supercharged, four wheel drive, bespoke 964. STL 03 is go.

The brief for this bespoke 911 was to be suitable as a daily driven road car, but with more of everything good about a 964. That’s a tough call because a regular well sorted Porsche 964 is a real pleasure.

The first thing was to find a donor car, this turned up as an immaculate family owned from new full history jem. It wasn’t the cheapest route to start with, but saved time over buying a ‘project’ car. And was available when we needed.

The customer chose some signature spec. The Gulf blue bodywork was an inspired choice. We hadn’t seen a 964 in Gulf blue before so were not sure, however the customer was right. Some orange details hinting at those traditional racing partners, gulf blue and orange were added. Note the orange brake callipers, the orange trim underneath and the orange highlight within the mirror housings.

Next you see the gorgeous Fuchs wheels (which we supply). These have a beautiful finish and are super high quality. We slightly spread the rear arches to accommodate these turbo spec wheels and whilst on the subject of subtle, we enhanced the shape of the rear spoiler and added within it the custom high level brake light. The repeaters were removed from the front wings to clean up the lines. Body finish and panel fit were paid close attention to. We wanted a finish beyond that of the factory offering.

You eagled eyed readers might spot the smoother roofline, modifying a 993 roof and frame created a nicer profile, plus we did away with the normal studs and fixings interrupting the lines at the back of the hood.

Inside we completely refinished the car in a factory style but with bespoke detail, the leather dash, seats, door panels, door pockets, carpeting. Note the details, the orange stitching contrasting with the dark blue leather, and orange stitching on the carpet edges. The instruments were custom finished with Gulf blue faces and some of the normal black interior parts were refinished to match the leather. A drinks holder replaced the pocket in the rear of the centre console

DSC08108 DSC08103 DSC08101Behind the seats there are more details , the rear seats have given way to a custom shelf hiding further audio equipment and providing a practical luggage area,. The roll bar we custom made to bolt in, recovered in leather stitched in orange, the real purpose of this was to enhance structural rigidity….and you feel it on the road. The car feels more solid than normal.

The Audi was upgraded, removing the tweeters from the door panels, putting in a high quality and system, speaker’s amps, security, reversing camera and navigation. And behind the scenes the fit was as clean as you see on the outside.

P1370903 P1370910On to the technical bits…..first the supercharger, this installation requires a few fiddly mods to get everything working again in the engine compartment, additional oil cooling, an intercooler, then we rebuilt the engine and fitted a solid flywheel and upgraded clutch.



The suspension was by Bilstein, the brakes six pot callipers with custom mounts, poly bushing and metal brake lines. Then we set the ride height, corner balanced the car and chose the wheel alignment setting. Headlights were upgraded too!

So what’s it like to drive? It’s sublime. The car is subtle the power is subtle too. This is a Porsche that feels completely factory, however enhancing the best features of an air cooled 911. The supercharger is immediately evident, giving this 911 immense performance from very low rpm, at 1500 rpm in 4th this 911 takes off, immediately responsive and eager. With an unproven 380 bhp and immense torque the four wheel drive is a definite plus for this Porsche.  What you have is a relaxed power, more like having a huge V8, where the power is available without effort. Notable is the sound, of course you have the whine of the supercharger but also a lovely burble from the exhaust, no resonance, nothing irritating, just flat six melody.

The chassis is superb, it rides really well, body control and body stiffness is improved and matches the enhanced power,  The steering is superb, not a tremor, and true to your movements, it feels precise and fine…..honestly, this 964 is a pleasure. I drove it and thought that it was something I could drive until i ran it dry of fuel…..I loved it.

Small things make a big difference if combined, for example the lightweight high quality wheels matched to the suspension aid body control and steering precision, the lightweight flywheel adds immediate response to the throttle enhancing the supercharger and the roll bar stiffens the structure reducing chassis movement. This 964 works.


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