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Why buy from Williams Crawford?

Honesty….. by offering clear descriptions, giving good advice and doing our best to look into the future rather than just sell another used Porsche, we protect you and protect our reputation. 25 years experience does count. Check our Google reviews (click on the logo); selling used Porsche is not for the inexperienced.

We inspect, test, report and grade, prepare, test again and finally apply a worthwhile warranty to almost all of our Porsche. There are exceptions to which we will point out. In addition, we will help good customers and provide continued support and advice wherever you are and for however long you keep your Porsche.

Prices are chosen and occasionally adjusted to reflect the support we offer, the current market and the standard of each Porsche. We offer financing, part exchanges, additional preparation, nationwide delivery and can arrange Worldwide export. We look forward to your call.