One of the very best things about our business selling Porsche is the people we meet, the stories they tell. Without their passion and the sense of fun, business here would be less appealing. So here is the tale from one of our customers..friends. Over to Sophus in Denmark. 


“I first got in contact with Adrian back in the summer of 2012. He advertised a silver Porsche 968 cabrio with magenta (purple) interior.

We made contact on the phone and discussed the car. At a certain point in time Adrian told me that there was another customer interested in the car and that in fairness I should take it now if I wanted to secure it. I thought “oh yes, and I’m the Sultan of Brunei, as if I don’t know the oldest used car dealer trick in the world.”

Next day the 968 was sold. That kind of taught me that Adrian can be trusted.

Some months later I think it was I received a phone call from Adrian asking if I was still interested in a 968 cabrio, because he had something special in sight in Japan. It was the LHD signal green 968 with 20 some thousands on the odometer.

That taught me that Adrian does not forget people.

We agreed at once and after some months where the car was swimming from Nippon to the UK. I picked up the car in Adrian’s garage on the brink of Cornwall, an absolutely lovely spot on the planet that anyone should and could visit. At that time Adrian was running and had been running what I understood to be a one man business focusing on used Porsches, which is easy to forget when you see today’s business at Williams Crawford.

The signal green 968 never disappointed me and I kept following Adrian’s whereabouts on the web.

It was not without fear that I saw the “merger” with Richard to establish Williams Crawford. Would the personal contact and the trusted relationship with Adrian go lost in a game of numbers and volume?

Later in 2013/2014 I got interested in a LHD 911 2.7 S that also was born in Japan. Adrian had imported her and made her a small little spaceship.

That car, named Eva because of a strange inscription on the after-market German steering wheel, lighted the 911 idea in me. Light, precise, powerful and with a sound, a sound from heaven, heaven in the back made from magnesium. I think the 911 2,7 is the best Porsche classic purchase you can make up to this day when you compare looks, quality, reliability, precision, sound and price.

Adrian taught me that.

Again I picked her up in Cornwall and drove her back to Denmark. And again not a missing beat on the way back or to this day.

Then I thought I should try open 911 motoring. I loved Eva and the feeling she gave behind the wheel and I loved the looks of the 911 2,7 targa with the steel targa band and the chrome package and mentioned that to Adrian.

After quite a while Adrian contacted me and presented the idea of creating the SS (Sophus Special – nothing regarding German politics many years ago).

A never welded LHD 1977 911S targa, with chrome package, matching numbers was the basis, born in the US, imported to the UK, then with its owner to France and found there by Adrian and now ready to be revitalized as the SS.

We agreed on a price and an estimated time of delivery 3 months ahead. The price held the delivery term did not, it was 10 months. This was due to a lot of issues but for sure nothing Adrian could have prevented.

The more joyful it was to pick up the SS in the growing shop of Williams Crawford in connection with the first Coffee meeting in March 2016.

A little lowered, Bilstein suspension, sharp, precise, quick and still comfortable.

Together with my father in law Erik, age 88, we travelled from Denmark to Switzerland. One way down 1400 km’s and one way up 1450 km’s in 14 and 12 hours respectively, half of the way open top.

I used to drive all kinds of vintage Volvo’s. Over the Kasseler Berge in Germany it was always a question of whether we could do it in 3. gear. The SS never got out of 5. And all the positive attention we get from old and young. This is just a Porsche of it’s best!

I have driven 991 and 997 not to mention the beefy Cayenne and Panamera and I have owned a very good 993 – all good cars but to find the Porsche spirit to me is a matter of trying a well prepared 2,7. That car just compromises classic looks, performance and sound in the best possible way and these days they are the only not cheap, but still affordable way in to the 911 world.

So 3 purchases so far, never ever nothing but big smiles and satisfaction in every part of the processes. Adrian is the type of man that I would love to call my friend – clever and experienced on the human nature, knowledgeable of course to the extreme on Porsche and just a good man with a relaxed dog (Hugh – don’t mess with his ball).

I have left out all the personal touches and details, for instance the green socks that came with the green 968, but hope to have given you as a possible Porsche owner an idea of where to go to seek help in a sometimes dangerous market.”

 Sophus Bøgeskov Christensen