911 E and 911 RS

You might think its a great life driving around Porsche all day. I want to tell you that there is a bit more hard work to be done behind the scenes than is obvious from the outside….but I admit. being in this business has its moments.One such was yesterday (13 08 2014).

I collected this 73 2.4 e coupe and was happily heading down the M3 towards home. Having a great time behind the wheel and looking forward to another couple hundred miles. In vibrant Viper Green, I thought she looked really happy, especially so with its extra pair of driving lamps.

Just as I was leaving the services, I spotted this….and knew the car immediately. Would it be the most famous of all 911 RS…or one with the most unusual story.

parked not 100 meters from where I was. I rushed to my viper green 911, hoping to make a little contrasting photo shoot but it wasn’t to be. By the time I negotiated the families, kids, and people carriers it was gone.

The Beirut 911 RS.

911 2.7RS lightweight rescued from the rubble. IMG_2811 IMG_2809