Porsche 911 2.0 SWB manual coupe (LHD) 1967

Porsche 911 2.0 SWB manual coupe (LHD) 1967


89,312 miles

This 911 is remarkable…………

It’s a survivor, this Porsche has not seen major restoration…………and it’s all the more special because of that.

Some restorations start with cars that only just exist, with 50% of the body already turned to fresh air. Of course they are rebuildable, but nothing like our car here…….

It’s all in the story:

This 1967 model year 911 was delivered from Stuttgart via P.C Distributors, Culver City, California in December 1966 with the following factory options:

* Special order colour Tangerine (R2002) with Black leatherette (B)
* Bumper horns – F/R
* Tinted glass all around
* Wheel caps with crest
* Ventilated chrome wheels
* Wood steering wheel
* Blaupunkt Radio ‘Frankfurt’ Nr. 73
* 6641
* Loudspeaker
* Antenna
* Dunlop tyres (165/15)

The first owner was Californian resident Mr Kenneth W. Kirsche. We understand that it stayed in his hands until it was passed on to his son. During his ownership the 911 received good maintenance. With the intention of prolonging the dependability of his Porsche, it was upgraded with a period correct 911 S transmission. As was common practice with early 911’s, the alloy crankcases were swapped out for later magnesium ones providing added strength and reliability. Fortunately the owner had the foresight to keep the original alloy cases and these are included in the sale of the car.

This one-family owned 911 was sold to an enthusiast in approximately 2008, staying in California.

The information we have suggests this Porsche, when purchased by this enthusiast, was a good runner, rust and accident free and was certainly not a candidate for a major restoration. It was repainted purely for aesthetic reasons, the door shuts and A posts are measuring original paint.

During this repaint, the owner did the right thing by his 911 and had it put back together with new parts where required. All the brightwork was re-chromed and seals replaced with new.

The interior was re-trimmed in authentic style with leather and vinyl. The carpets and headlining were replaced with new.

The brakes and fuel system underwent a complete overhaul along with the starter motor and alternator. The ignition system was upgraded to an electronic version.

The engine and gearbox were removed and completely stripped and rebuilt with new parts as required.

In 2014 it was imported in to Europe where it stayed for a couple of years and was then sold by PS Automobiles, a well respected restoration and classic Porsche sales outfit in Dortmund, Germany. Whilst with them, the chassis, the brake system and the axle bearings were all revised in 2015 plus the heat exchangers were renewed and the entire subfloor was cleaned and resealed.

It appears some additional works were carried out, most notably the re-installation the originally optioned vented chrome wheels with Porsche crest wheel caps and period correct Hella 128 fog lamps.

It came to the UK and was registered with DVLA on 21st July 2017. Now we have it………..

There is a copy of the Porsche Certificate of Authenticity, copy of original Kardex and a Part II registration (official replacement German Fahrzeugbrief) issued on 23.02.2016

911 2.0 SWB manual coupe (LHD) 1967
Date of first registration 12th December 1966 in the USA, 21st July 2017 in the UK
Year 1969
Make Porsche
Model 911
Body Style Coupe
Engine 2.0 litre 6 cylinder air cooled making 130 bhp
Transmission 5 speed manual
Colour Special order Tangerine with black interior
Price £124,995

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