Porsche 912 LHD coupe 1969

Porsche 912 LHD coupe 1969


Simply ready to enjoy.

This gorgeous 1969 912 is the one to have, it’s done…..all the hard work, the investment, the waiting……..you don’t need to wait, worry or organise, you can enjoy it right away.  Take it to a show,  head off for Europe, or just enjoy polishing it for the pure pleasure of it.

For those with an eye for detail, you will see how unusually nice this 50 year old Porsche is….. Nothing about it has been rushed, it is simply beautiful and quite exceptional.  Whilst not the cheapest on the market, the little extra now could look very good long term in £ terms with no sign of further restoration coming. And however you measure enjoyment…. it is set to stay in your hands, not waiting in the workshop.

The lovely Irish green paint (code 6806) is the original colour and is excellent, with a super finish and deep smooth lustre. Inside, new Tobacco carpets and rebuilt seats look and feel really good. In your hands is a 1966 period correct Nardi steering wheel, whilst the radio remains original…. (so don’t expect much from that!)

It’s a matching numbers car, supplied in California in 1969, to a Doctor who enjoyed the car for 19+ years. Significantly it remained in sunny California for 31 years. The benefits, decades later, are seen in the body. It seems to have enjoyed a pampered existence, there is a lovely history with a huge number of invoices and receipts spanning from late ’69 to mid ’84.

The most recent owner put all the time, money, sweat and tears into this 912.  At the beginning of the restoration, it was stripped down and had the components  plated or powder coated as required. The shell was particularly good and needed relatively little work compared to most. It has the original floors, original kidney bowls and appears largely original panels. Even with a good starting point, a 911/912 body will take 100’s of hours to be done right.

The engine was rebuilt with new bearings, re-machined heads and valve seats, and the J & E pistons and barrels to give 1720 cc. Weber carbs replace the original Solex and a performance camshaft was fitted. This gives the 912 a very favourable power to weight ratio, 911 type performance and handling with less rear end bias.

Having driven a few of these, they vary rather a lot; this Irish green beauty does the job of putting a smile on your face and is a real pleasure to use.

It will impress the moment you see it and we are quite happy to show you around, in and under the whole car.  Our view is this is a good grade 4, beautiful appearance, would look good at any show. Before you choose a lesser example with unknowns, come and take a look at this, it’s the intelligent choice.

Date of first registration Early 1969 in USA, 8th September 2000 in the UK
Model year 1969
Make Porsche
Model 912
Body Style Coupe
Engine details 1.6 litre air cooled 4 cylinder making 90 bhp
Transmission details 4 speed manual
Colour Irish green with tan interior

Porsche 912 LHD coupe 1969

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