Meet The Team

Adrian Crawford

Director & Porsche Specialist

I was the boy on the bike…. a friend of my Father pulled up in a new 911 (930) turbo back in 1976, it looked like it came from outer space. I loved motorsport so naturally supported Porsche even when I should have been concentrating on other things at school. Once I started driving (legally) I wanted cars that could take my youthful excesses…..Porsche could, my first was a 78 924, great chassis and strong, then 924 Turbo, and my first 911, a 2.4 T targa.
Skip forward and I was making progress rallying, then racing…I love driving and that where Porsche excel. It’s also something we as a company are particular with, that the cars must drive properly. Tarted up wobblers are not for me.

Having gone from doing everything in my business to delegating tasks I look at some of the projects we undertake and wish I could get the spanners out! I love seeing the creation of restorations, I love helping create the bespoke Porsche, but most of all, I love the genuinely nice folk, that share my Passion for Porsche, coming through the door or calling… feels like we are all aiming for the same thing. The enjoyment of a Porsche.

Richard Williams

Director & Porsche Specialist

I grew up in my family’s garage business, with cars in the blood. Prior to joining up with Adrian and growing the business to the level it is now, we actually did the maintenance of his Porsche’s. Doing that maintenance, testing them, delivering them gave me the introduction to the Porsche brand, the driving appeal and the quality of engineering. I learnt to really appreciate the Porsche marque. Joining forces brought another revelation, what nice people we deal with.

This is a superb business in that we have a fabulous product, lovely customers and get to enjoy all manner of Porsche, from the 50’s through to new. Its a dream.


Anthony Ainslie

Head of Business

Anthony is well known and well respected locally having spent two decades with Jaguar Land Rover. He has always taken an interest in Williams Crawford and made no secret of his enthusiasm to get behind the wheel of a Porsche. He brings to Williams Crawford, the experience of larger operations, implementing the good and avoiding the bad practices. He helps us develop our business with minimal pain.



HR & Accounts Manager

Megan has been with the business since the very beginning, helping it grow from a team of 4 into the amazing crew we have now. She is our rock, a great ‘people person’ – we look to her for everything. She also happens to be a fully qualified accountant…..


Sales Executive
Andy is a Porsche owner, a real car enthusiast and has been selling cars, vehicles and machines all over the world since 1995. He’d love a Cayman GT4, a 968 Club Sport and a 991 GTS for the daily commute from Liskeard. In the mean time, having driven 30,000 miles in his 986 Boxster S, he has recently changed to a 2007 987 Cayman S.
When not at work, Andy’s either spending time with the family or potting balls; a mis-spent youth has proved worthwhile with a County snooker champion’s title.



Kim looks after Adrian; not a job for just anyone!

Calm in a crisis, a great person to have around and as reliable as a good Porsche. Able to turn her hand to just about anything, she is a massive asset to the Williams Crawford team.


Restoration & SRD Administrator

Knowledgeable and enthusiastic, Lilly has a long-standing affection for great cars and certainly knows her stuff. Her job is to keep the restoration projects and Special Request Department builds on target, sourcing parts and coordinating schedules so that the guys have everything they need when they need it.



Sales & Accounts Administrator.

Keeping on top of the comings and goings of our sales cars, Emma coordinates the smooth transition of Porsche arriving and leaving the showroom. She also ensures the right people get paid at the right time! Cheerful and bubbly but sharp with it….that’s Emma.


Photography, Advertising & Social Media

Louise is a self-confessed Petrol Head. She is the lady behind the camera, the adverts and researching a car’s history. Organised, efficient and with a great eye. It means she gets to drive most of the machinery and probably has the best job here!


Parts Manager

Jamie looks after Porsche parts. Reliable, organised and a pleasure to deal with. From a bolt to a body panel, he is the man who will find the part and ensure it is delivered and ready for action. He has 70 years of Porsche to supply parts for and each Porsche has something like 4,000 parts…..that keeps him busy and he is at his best when busy.


Master Restorer

Graham is our master restorer and has 25 years experience restoring classic Porsche. He’s the sort of guy that just knows the answer no matter how obscure and is as comfortable building engines as he is repairing a 1956 356 clock or fitting a cabriolet roof. Nothing is beyond his talent.

Having skills like this allow us to create World Class restorations, hot rod Porsche and bespoke builds. A craftsman, a man who cares.


Engine specialist

Watching Paul at work on an engine is a joy to behold; he is completely immersed in the build and shows an affinity with every single part he touches. With well over 30 years experience of rebuilding engines, it is obvious he is in love with the job. Very quiet and meticulous, he just gets the job done, no fuss, no frills. Exactly the right man for job.



Paul is a quiet star. He performs miracles with metal, cutting out the bad bits, crafting, coaxing and stretching or shrinking into place. He is a stickler for detail and rarely stops. Metal fabrication art is what he loves to do. You can be assured that his hands will be working on your car with care and passion.



Workshop controller

I like to think of Pete as the workshop conductor, rather like an orchestra, choosing the right musicians to play the right notes. The workshop is for certain a team, and Pete leads that team. Personal integrity and expertise are important to him and it shines through. He loves testing Porsche, who wouldn’t?




Mark has come a full circle. He used to work for Richard Williams when Williams Crawford were two different businesses. At the time, it was often Mark who worked on the Porsche that Adrian sent.
He has joined us and impressed with a great can do attitude and attention to detail.
Reliable as the best Porsche, you will find a cheerful, confident and conscientious technician if he is working on your car.



Paul has spent a considerable majority of his life working on cars and relishes the challenge of the big and dirty tasks – engines, gearboxes and the like. Working on classic Porsche has given Paul new opportunities to develop his skills further and he will be a key component in the motorsport department.
Never seen without his hat!




Sean has well over 30 years experience as a technician, with a strong Jaguar/Land Rover background, including the building and restoration of the acclaimed Overfinch Range Rovers.

Quiet and conscientious with a fine eye for detail, he loves a challenge, whether that be intermittent electrical fault finding or training to run another marathon!




Restoration Technician


Vehicle Preparation & Detailing

Hidden behind the scenes and working hard is Ian. He is the man who puts the cherry on the icing on the cake. All Porsche leaving us for their new lives are meticulously prepared to ensure that they make their exits in pristine condition. From a simple wash and chamois to a complete machine polish, Ian’s attention to detail and ‘no-cutting-corners’ approach results in a fantastic finish that such special cars deserve.



Mr Do-It-All

John is our ‘Runaround’ man; always on the go, collecting and delivering cars and parts as and when we need them. Otherwise seen with a chamois in-hand, keeping the showroom cars spick and span.

He has a long-term love affair with the Porsche brand having owned several in the past – a 964, 996, more than one Boxster and a Cayman!

‘I was thrilled to be offered the opportunity to join the team at Williams Crawford.’


Williams Crawford Legend.

Here at Williams Crawford, Malcolm is our ‘Work Dad’. We care about him, and he really cares about us (and likes to feel he is in charge of us too!).

He’s had to keep himself safe during these strange Covid-times, but it’s always a delight when he arrives on the scene.