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1973 911 ST – A new lease of life for this 911

After 50 years, this 911 gets a whole new life…

The beauty of our business is the people we meet and the cars we handle, and this project was no exception.

It starts with John the owner of a racing 911. John had returned to Cornwall with his 911 that he had enjoyed decades of racing in the US, but alas the car would no longer run.

Initially, other garages tried to help over the course of 2 years, but had failed in their attempts. However, once we received it here at Williams Crawford, we applied our specialist knowledge & experience with these MFI cars, resolving the non starting issue quickly. After testing and proving it was healthy, John decided to let us find a new home for his 911.

So, our next phase was to sell it on John’s behalf, and after a passing conversation with a collector in the Channel Islands, an idea was born! They would buy the car, but before it left us…the new owner asked us to restore it back to a 911 ST road car. 

What a great plan! A ‘real ST would cost a small fortune, but this one had all the right features, and it already had really rare period racing components which had been added to this 911 S in the past…perfect for an era authentic ST build!

Colours and trims were chosen, the car stripped down to its bare shell, and bodywork began. 

The colour chosen was the original for this 911 S (light ivory), inside we completely retrimmed, adding a little more comfort for use on the road. Leather samples were posted from the Channel Island for us to match to a hide. Carpets were the square weave in a barley colour.  We fitted a new Heigo rear roll cage, and a cabin heater. 

The racing engine and suspension remained, the centre fill bonnet, the wide fuchs lots of the original racing equipment, no luxuries (not even a glove box lid).

The completed 911 looked fabulous, so much so that Octane Magazine wanted to run a feature on it, and Keith Seume jumped at the chance of writing the article and taking it for a run. 

This is just one of many special projects our team have completed, and our thanks goes to Andy Hibbs for allowing us to show his 911 and for commissioning this superb project. 

From a road car, to race, to road again…no doubt this 911 will be around in another half century.

I am over the moon with how fantastically well this has turned out, it is better than expected.  Working with Williams Crawford the team have achieved and exceeded expectations, whereas others in the past have rarely delivered. Having experienced the car being driven by Adrian whilst we visited for handover, my first drive was actually on the way home and it was great and does exactly what it's meant to.  I am thrilled with the overall experience and going to enjoy driving my 911

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