This weekend we hosted our first ever Cars and Coffee open morning in association with the BDFA – Batten Disease Family Association

We would like to thank everyone that attended and helped make it such a great success. A wide variety of both Porsche and other Marque vehicles descended on out facility here in Saltash, Cornwall. A rough head count suggested we had around 100 cars and 250 people at the busiest moment. Everyone seemed to get on well and there was a great atmosphere with people from different walks of life, sipping delicious coffee and chatting over various prestige, performance and classic vehicles. It was lovely to see so many people bring their kids along for a bit of car education!

See coverage from the Plymouth Herald News Team HERE

Special thanks to all those that left our site disgracefully, it seemed the right thing to do to leave amid a cloud of tyre smoke and noise, one of the best displays being made by the Plymouth Roadrunner, a ridiculously powerful 800bhp Audi RS6 (that thing was a total monster) and the Lambo of course.

Coffee and refreshments provided by our friends at lemon jelli, a big thanks and well done for your sterling work keeping the coffee coming, you guys did really well to keep up and keep smiling! 


A resounding success with one comment standing out…… When is the next one!