We are really chuffed to say that our special project car has been featured in this month 911 & Porsche World magazine.

“I love what we have created…..I am really proud of the standards we achieved here.  The fit and finish, the attention to detail is a real pleasure to see. I wanted a Porsche that isn’t all show and no go, it must work to please me. Although I enjoy the stripped out racer look of some RSR replica’s, I wanted a Porsche that was ‘finished’ without rattles, squeaks, that was a pleasure to travel in yet retained a hard edge. We achieved a beautiful combination where shock is balanced with subtle. Clean, sharp, plush, but fast and exciting too.” Adrian

Built as an in house project by Adrian and the restoration team of Graham Kidd and Becky Turner, we wanted to create something really special. Wanting to include a hefty nod at the IROC cars of the past and having always loved the style of the Jägermeister Porsche team we decided to take more than a little inspiration from these memorable cars.

The legendary IROC races gave birth to some of the most interesting competition Porsches of the time with this new race format and the recent developments in colour TV attracting big sponsors and even bigger viewing figures. A decision was taken to use bold colours on the cars to allow easy recognition by the audience at home, a major success it helped pave the way for the future of televised motorsport both in Europe and the US.
Combining years of experience we wanted to create a showcase cat that highlighted our specialist knowledge and attention to detail. There are hundreds of small touches on this car that when viewed from a distance can easily go unnoticed, however if you are as much of a Porsche geek as Adrian then under closer inspection these will become obvious.

This car is a beast! The 930 body packs into it a heavily breathed on motor with on boost power output of 487Bhp, It still remains feeling docile off boost, but once that Turbo starts to spin, the scenery starts rushing past at quite some rate!


We included a full custom interior choosing plaid fabrics to both tie in the exterior and give a period edge that many would not be brave enough to include. Many interior upgrades and backdated elements sit against modern performance equipment to create a purposeful and bespoke driving environment. Every part of this car has a bespoke touch.

The Jager Bomb is fun, it’s exciting and its quality.

Like a fine wrist watch, it is all in the detail, that you might not first of all see, that reveals itself everywhere you look. Every element of this 930 was given consideration. For example, to support the 70’s theme  we introduced materials that one would find in an original 70’s 911. For example on the interior we used custom made 70’s type salt and pepper carpets with the bright silver carpet finishers, we fitted the 70’s style paint code tag in the left door post exactly as Porsche did 40 years ago, using an original tag, stamping in the colour code for Continental Orange (the Jagermeister racing orange) and using the exact correct rivets, you might notice that the bolts securing the door hinges are gold passivate just as they once were, not the later painted finish and the washer jets are the polished items from early Porsche.

For anyone that has never seen the original IROC season here are some amazing highlights featuring legendary drivers such as Mark Donohue Peter Revson Bobby Unser David Pearson and Emerson Fittipaldi.

The Jager Bomb is on site and ready to be veiwed, if anyone is seriously interested please make contact and we would be more than happy to make the arrangements. We would also love to know your thoughts or comments so feel free to write a comment below (keep them clean please!).

To read the article and find out what the good people of 911 and Porsche World thought of this car, either get yourself down to your local newsagent or click here to buy or download from the Magazines website