PDK. What does it mean to you?

All we want to do is enjoy our drive isn’t it? And any Porsche , manual , tiptronic or PDK is great to be behind the wheel of. Does the PDK add anything to this experience?

Looking first at the manual, it’s known to all how to operate a manual, a stick shift. Most  keen drivers are familiar and with familiarity comes confidence. As keen drivers like to interact with the machinery, it ticks that box, the technology is reliable and it comes naturally. We have something to do with both feet. Cool. The modern 7 speed Porsche gearbox’s offer the 7th ratio for cruising, it is if you like a 6 speed box, plus a cruise ration.

The tiptronics are great, fully reliable and much more interactive than you may imagine. The electronic wizardry is the secret here adn they work beautifully, smoothly and responsively. i have a lot of time for tiptronic. What you gain in convenience is greater than what most users loose in ultimate performance. The big thing with a Tiptronic…it takes time and effort to learn how to get the best out of it. Many users simply dont know how to do that or don’t care to learn. That is a shame as its often those users that run a superb system down.

The PDK is somewhere between the two, if you like its an automatically operated manual gearbox. But her is the clever bit, two gearboxes running together, creating ‘instant’ changes and allowing full interactivity if you wish. As with most things Porsche, its been developed from the 80’s in Sportscar racing, it’s honed, its fit, its lean and now its available in a road car. Take a look at this video we found which explains it better than most.

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