Rare……Just 53 right hand drives and only 29 currently know in the UK

Fun……. Believe it!

Just arriving into stock this rare machine, an original UK supplied 3.2 Club Sport. This fabulous 911 is amazing. With a range of  intelligent and effective improvements (although completely reversible) it enhances the drive of  an iconic machine. It could be put back as original, it comes with the components, but doing so would negate the time, effort and budget applied to enhance this machine.

For now, all I can tell  you is that slipping behind the wheel is a real sense of occasion. One of the very  best 911 I have ever driven. This would be my choice for a special 6.00am sunday drive. You won’t be heading to the South of France with you wife in it, but you will end every drive with a huge smile.Guaranteed.

Its not how fast you go but how you go fast.

Arriving into our stock soon


Original components in hand

All documentation

First class.

Add it to an existing collection, a unique 911, a unique driving experience.