This Carrera 964 & Porsche 911 Turbo 3.3 Buying Guide will help you select a good example of these underrated Porsche
Do you know all you need to before you buy a used Porsche 911 964 Carrera, C2, Carrera 4 or 964 965 Turbo? My Porsche Buying Guide will help you.
The dream…for many is to own a beautiful 911. I know customers who have waited until they were 70 years old, others who wanted to buy before they were 25. You don’t buy a Porsche 911 unless you have a real passion for cars….and that’s where many come unstuck.

Overall the 911 964 Carrera is a great, great car to drive……find one that’s good and you will love it. I believe the 964 is overlooked and can represent a great buy. But these early 90’s Porsche can cause grief.

The Reality……I have that passion too and that’s exactly how you can get into trouble….with Porsche! It’s happened to me before and I see it all the time with new owners. Nowadays when I buy a Porsche 964 I leave less to luck, because I have learnt over the years of buying, selling, inspecting and rejecting exactly what makes a good 911 964 and what makes a bad buy. This is what I reveal in the Porsche 911 Buying Guides.

Don’t make a mistake. Ensure you buy a good example, I promise you it’s worth the effort. The difference between an average Porsche 964 Carrera and a really good one is massive……and never reflected adequately in the price. I have found some absolutely great cars. I have also seen plenty of ‘average’ examples that barely give you the half the qualities that they should…these ought to be avoided. I have the experience of 100’s and pass on in my 911 buyers guide the step by step process I utilise to buy good Porsche 911 964 and avoid the lemons.

The worst thing…and its happened to me several times when I started out is that sick feeling in your stomach when you realise that the Porsche you’ve dreamt of and bought is not what you thought. Maybe it’s sick, been damaged, clocked or worse. Maybe its a decent example but needs a little here, a little there and it adds up to a massive bill…one that you would have avoided if you had know. The first 911 I bought was over 20 years ago….and I made some classic (read costly) mistakes. After dealing 100’s since I have learnt to be more careful and better organised.

Why learn the hard way? You can find really good Porsche 911 Carrera or 911 turbo (also know as Porsche 964 Carrera) but there will be plenty of poor ones. A little time spent learning now with my Porsche 911 Buyer guide will pay dividends in the long term….when you find the right example I guarantee that you won’ regret it. You can follow the same techniques that I use to find the best used Porsche. It’s definitely worth the effort….don’t get caught buying a lemon.

I actually buy and sell Porsche 911 every month and have the same problems, frustrations, risk and motivations as you…….I want to buy the best Porsche 911 I can…..the difference between you and me is I have the experience of hundreds of used 964.

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I provide a Porsche 911 Carrera buyers guide for the 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992 & 1993 Porsche 911 Carrera (Porsche 964 Carrera)……which I think is the most comprehensive Porsche buying information on the market……

Its a fact that Porsche can lead varied lives, most Porsche 964 look good, but many are hiding problems that could cost you $1000’s………and some are hiding things that you can never put right. Every day, someone crashes, totals, ruins or steals a Porsche, one that will probably get resold to some unsuspecting buyer. Could this lovely Porsche 911 Carrera 964 be the same car repaired as below? Would you know how to tell? I do.

As a Porsche dealer, I am looking for the same qualities as you; I want to reduce my risk of buying a lemon and find the very best Porsche 911 for the lowest price. This Porsche 911 Carrera 964 and Porsche 911 Turbo 3.3 buyers guide will help you to quickly and easily identify the good from the bad whatever your level of experience. It will give you the confidence to act decisively when you do find a good car.

“All too often I see people buying the wrong Porsche 911 from the wrong people with the wrong information – its essential to get it right. My Porsche buyers guides teach you the same easy Step by step process that I have employed to find the lovely, genuine used Porsche.” Adrian Crawford.

This Porsche 911 Buyers Guide is full of easy to follow information, with practical, concise, current and comprehensive advice… and no padding. Over 40 pages plus detailed pictures showing you exactly what to look for, where to look, the common faults, what to test, how to test it and the questions to ask. Why learn the hard way?

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You will learn;

  • The key questions to ask the seller and the correct answers.
  • The common faults for that model.
  • Where and what to check and test.
  • How to be confident that the car you are buying is genuine.
  • Where to look for hidden accident damage or repairs.
  • How to spot forged/falsified documents.
  • How to make a worthwhile test drive.
  • How you can make a detailed inspection.
  • Guarantees/Warranties ? what they really offer.
  • How you can get a better deal.
  • Negotiate from a stronger position.
  • Easy fixes and tips.
  • and much more too..

Is the guide worth the money? My best ‘sales pitch’ is for you to read the testimonials from other customers who have used my guide.

For under $35 (less than £20) it may save you buying a lemon and getting conned out of thousands. It has certainly proved its value to many buyers. If it saves you from having a no hoper inspected….or saves one wasted journey to look at an inaccurately described 911 it is money well invested.

What is in the guide? The manual contains the tips and techniques that I have learnt from actually buying 100’s of Porsche year in, year out, not just theory….practical, real life tips that you can easily apply. Each 911 guide is different, all models have their quirks and weaknesses.

Why not get a professional inspection? Before arranging a professional inspection you will need to identify the right Porsche, otherwise you can waste hundreds. Using the guide means you don’t have to totally rely on the inspection.

Buying a Porsche from someone you trust…is great, but everyone can make a mistake….so it still pays to know what you are doing, even if only to confirm your judgement of the person with the Porsche 911 for sale.

Magazine buyers guides are unlikely to be able to cover the subject in detail and are often compiled from various different sources. I have seen some pretty dodgy advice written.

Worldwide. The principles and information are relevant wherever you are looking for a 911. I have customers successfully using the guide all over the World.

Immediate. The various 911 buyers guides are for download on the web to a pc as an electronic book, this means the pictures can be much more detailed and you can get the information almost immediately. 15 mins on a slow modem. Once on your P.C. you can view at will and print as much of the information you like. No waiting for the mail (it’s not a hard book).

Guarantee: “If the guide is not what we say it is and you are not completely satisfied that the information contained is not worth the price, than your money will be refunded no questions asked.” Adrian Crawford.