Porsche 959

Porsche 959

The 959 is one of the most special 911 ever built. Even though they were conceived of in 1983 and built in 1987 it is still a very interesting car, and very expensive.

At one time were selling for 250,000, then they dropped right back and now, just like many of the classic Porsche 959 have risen in value and are currently (2010) ranging from 150-250000Euro.

Its hard to believe that the 959 first appeared in 1983 at the Frankfurt motor show. It was designed for Group B regulations but had to be fully road legal. Porsche announced the price to be approximately 130,000 and delivery of 200 cars expected in 1985. Unfortunately the very first few cars didn’t arrive until the end of 1987 when customers had to pay 140,000.

Was it worth it….. definitely, the specification became more sophisticated than originally planned and there is no doubting that this car was something very special.

All these years later it still looks good and works well. It’s easy to see where the 993 of 10 years later took styling ideas from.

For your small fortune owners received a very advanced motor car.

The specification included; four-wheel drive with variable torque split, a 2.85litre air cooled motor with water cooled heads, 4 valves per cylinder, twin compound turbo’s, 400bhp, 6 speed gearbox, double wishbone suspension front and rear, variable ride height, two shock absorbers per wheel,  plastic and alloy body panels, and low drag (0.32).