Porsche 996 Turbo

Porsche 996 Turbo

These are superb.  Remember that the Porsche Turbo was the flagship model of the Porsche range, and even though these were introduced in 2000, a good example iremains a very impressive drive. Huge performance and ability, resulting in a car one can travel vast distances, with ease and speed. It’s highly unlikly (and unwise) to be using all the performance and testing this car to the limit on public roads.

These are finely engineered machines, with a sophisticated four wheel drive system, the most marvellous brakes and 420hp. Even though the lst 996 Turbo was produced in 2005 they have proved very durable.  Although the service interval is 12 months/12000 miles (20000km) they demand and deserve good investment with expert care. If you do look after your 996 turbo you will have a true  supercar to enjoy every day, and for almost any purpose.

Introduced in 2000 and available with tiptronic or a six speed manual. Soon after they were launched I purchased one of these first models for a client and had a memorable drive across Europe – I felt quite privileged to experience such a machine on such good roads. Since then many have passed through my hands, coupe, and convertibles.

Surely quick enough for most people, 0-62(100km) in 4.2seconds.

On the left is the interior of a 996 Turbo fitted with ‘comfort’ seats. Picture on right is a ‘Techart’ modified example.


Porsche 996 Turbo road test

What a way to travel.

I had the real pleasure in December 2001 to drive one of these 1200 kilometres from Strasbourg to the U.K. I was driving on my own so had no problems with passenger seat speed restrictions. It was a beautiful, 10,000km 2001 example, in seal grey metallic, but ideally should have been in invisible paint.

This car is absolutely superb at covering the miles, it eats them up at a rate you just would not believe. I have driven quite a lot of Porsche across Europe and enjoyed the freedom of German Autobahns in all of them. No other car I have driven enabled me to continuously drive, hour after hour at any speed appropriate.

Quiet and refined even at 270+kmh, its only the fact that the roads that usually seem straight are no longer straight , they are quit twisty that gives the game away.

This is a car you can do anything in. It has the basic Porsche qualities that I personally appreciate, you can trundle through town, fly down the Autobahn, always with a feeling of absolute security.

A superb chassis, steering , brakes are brilliant, seats great for me (needs a radar detector – if you plan on 280kph past dark blue Citroens with two French Policemen inside). The downside is that it is so damned good that it doesn’t feel exciting in the way most imagine.

This is a well mannered, superbly engineered supercar my mum could drive (goodness help us) and she would never know what it really is.
I liked it, fantastic.

If you can afford one, go for it.