Today we had a visit from a regular customer who has a new Porsche he was keen for us to see. On arrival this beautiful and super rare Cayman GT4 pretty much stopped us in our tracks, it’s the first and it’s quite likely to be the last Cayman GT4 we get a really close look at. In a two words – Total Weapon.

A good opportunity to get the camera out and take some detailed shots. Here are the results. 

Cayman GT4-27

Cayman GT4-22 Cayman GT4-23 Cayman GT4-26 Cayman GT4-1 Cayman GT4-2 Cayman GT4-3 Cayman GT4-5 Cayman GT4-6 Cayman GT4-7 Cayman GT4-8 Cayman GT4-12 Cayman GT4-14 Cayman GT4-16 Cayman GT4-18 Cayman GT4-19 Cayman GT4-20 Cayman GT4-21