Principles of Buying a used Porsche

Principles of Buying a used Porsche

Step One. Buy the right Porsche from the right person.

I often see people buy a Porsche with emotion clouding their judgement, and lets face it most Porsche you see on first sight look beautiful.

But its more complicated than that, and here are some simple rules you should apply before you even go to view;

1/    Is the vendor of the used Porsche forthcoming with information, including negative details?
2/    Does the vendor know what he is talking about?

3/    Does the vendor know the background of the car?

4/    Does he/she seem trustworthy on the phone?

5/    Is he/she happy to go through details of the car on the phone?

If the answer is no to any of the above questions move on to the Porsche, because used cars, even used Porsche when casually described are unlikely to be better when seen in the flesh.

The reasons are common sense;

Porsche were built to a very high standard, with the finest materials and therefore major components that need replacement are expensive and rarely does the reduced price of the cheaper cars truly reflect the real cost of even minor repairs.

In the trade its a well known fact that the cheap Porsche 911 or Boxster are never cheap enough and the best cars are the best to buy (the rough are overvalued, the best undervalued).

Additionally, many of the people who wish to buy a Porsche when you come to sell yours will know a fair bit about it. Certainly they are generally more knowledgeable than the average family car buyer ? so when you eventually sell  you will find that the best quality Porsche will sell first ? and for a good price. The cheaper cars will always remain cheap.

The difference in purchase cost between the great and the grotty is simply not big enough to justify consideration unless you enjoy ‘restoring’ a car as a hobby.

My view and advice is to buy the top of the market cars,  not necessarily the museum cars, but the cars with a solid history in great shape, and with a vendor that knows the car and can advise of its benefits and possible pitfalls.

Get it right and you could buy a beautiful Porsche, that is real value;  How about a very low mileage 911 Turbo II A car that cost new a small fortune, and you buy it for a third of it’s cost when new but, you can enjoy 95per cent of the same qualities that the very first owner enjoyed when new.

That to me is a bargain Porsche. 95% of the pleasure for 30% of the price.

And there’s more… by purchasing the very best Porsche, you too will have the very best to resell, commanding a higher price, offering you more enjoyment, less risk, expect less running cost and be even more pleased with your Porsche experience.

Adrian Crawford.

Step two. Check before you go go.

Before you buy your Porsche don’t forget to check out its background.

Once I have selected a Porsche which I am interested in buying I always make a data check on it. You can too and for very little expense with these great services. All too often I have been offered a nice Porsche only to discover some hidden past. Hidden past could be a major insurance claim, written off, flood damage, odometer discrepancies, stolen, and with dirty titles (maybe money owed to finance or banks) and these companies check their records and give you a report.

But you trust the chap you are buying from – and surely Porsche people are great? Well the guy selling might not know of the cars past – so could be telling the truth – as he understands it.

And where do you think all the damaged Porsche go? – you only have to look in the salvage section of a magazine – many of those Porsche will go back on the road – and don’t let it be you that’s driving them, when you’ve paid good money for a genuine car.

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