Ruby is a 1963 Porsche 356 SC – She’s a lovely old girl that has been patiently waiting for a new owner to come along. Restored some time ago she’s in good nick, she won’t be winning any concourse events but she’s very pretty and very much ready to enjoy. She’s the sort of 356 that should be out on the road, with the wind in her face not tucked up under a cover in the back of someone’s collection.  We feel a big part of our role is to match the right car with the right customer, to help create a relationship that works for both. Since she has been with us Ruby has had regular drives across Dartmoor, she’s been to the beach and watched the sunrise. She has also starred in odd video we have produced. She drives well, keeps up with the newer cars on the motorway and is generally a really useable classic Porsche that makes all who see her smile. It’s a great feeling being part of a trip out with Ruby.

On a spring evening somewhere in Hamburg a lady is perusing Instagram, she loves classic cars of all varieties and soon finds her way to us and a lovely 911 we had on offer. Unfortunately this collectable early 911 carried a premium price as they all do these days, she made contact and when investigating our stock further was drawn to our little 356, Ruby.

Only by chance the very next morning our heroin discovers a picture of her late father, sometime in the 60’s stood beside his Porsche. She forwarded the photograph by email and we all recognised that in fact, the Porsche in the grainy black and white picture was the excact same model as Ruby. This was meant to be.

Lea makes contact and chats to Adrian for some time, they get on like a house on fire and it seems we have a new friend. A few days pass and (we now know her as Lea) Lea is back on the phone, she has been thinking….We make the connection of Instagram but don’t take it much further until we find out what she does…

Oh you know, I’m a photographer, I work mainly with Instagram and photograph Classic cars in situ on the streets of Europe. Wow really? What’s your profile name?


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To cut what could be a much longer story short, Lea was very interested in Ruby, we spoke a lot on the phone and it was decided that a trip to the U.K. was in order, Ruby may have a new owner and this one’s a good one! A seemingly perfect match!


Lea was really happy with Ruby, a new connection had been made and we were really happy to see these two united. After being shown around by Graham, a test drive and a good explanation of how everything works Lea happily made the deal and Ruby now belonged to a new owner, looking at a future of Instagram fame and trips around Europe, it doesn’t get much better than that! We exchanged gifts, Cornish Champagne from us and signed copies of her latest books from Lea, it was one of those transactions that simply doesn’t feel like business. One thing about the business we are in is that we are lucky to meet really wonderful people along the way. Being able to share in realisation of a dream is an amazing perk of the job. We love what we do and feel very lucky doing it. 

Look out for Ruby on Instagram and other social networks follow her story with the hashtag #littleruby356sc

A few days after arriving home in Hamburg we received a lovely email telling us everything had gone to plan and that Lea loved her new Porsche, included were several photographs of our local area, with promise of road trip images to follow.  To our new friend Lea we say a big thank you and an even bigger, it was great to meet you. Look after Ruby and enjoy your life together! 

IMG_8543 IMG_8547


It’s been a couple of weeks now and we have received a few more pics from Lea, the following images are of her father, his house and his 356, the one she remembers from childhood along with her recreations, all we can say is what a lovely story this makes and what lucky people we are to do what we do for a living, it really is fantastic.


Instagram suits us really well as it’s such a wonderful visual way of telling a story, we’re lucky to be surrounded by beautiful Porsche of all ages, looking out at our workshop any day you’ll see a huge mix of Porsche undergoing a wide variety of attention, from full concourse restoration through to our bespoke build projects such as our Supercharged Gulf Racing themed 964 C4 Cab.

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