Devon & Cornwall Porsche Service & Repair Specialists.

Devon & Cornwall Porsche Service & Repair Specialists.

Any age and all models of Porsche receive care and attention in a way that an Official Porsche Centre cannot match. Modern or Classic Porsche, our mechanics have the expertise and interest to look after them all. 

Flexibility: Our advantage is that we have flexibility in our approach that an OPC is unable to offer.

Better solutions for replacement parts and Porsche repairs:  We can service with original Porsche parts, or where appropriate, we can repair rather than simply fit new. There are literally hundreds of alternative solutions or repairs that we can apply. Our Porsche specialist mechanics can offer improved reliability, durability, performance or are more economic.

Examples:  Improved suspension by Bilstein, KW and Exe-TC, more durable Ceramic Intermediate Shaft bearings (IMS bearings) which an official Porsche centre do not offer. Cayenne centre prop shaft bearings are another, replacement more durable suspension bushes yet another. Many alternative repairs exist.

Broad range of expertise: We offer a broader range of services and expertise, any model, any age and any issue…. we are not governed by ‘group targets’, neither are we ‘incentivising’ technicians to ‘look for work’, but we do target quality and care.

Porsche Services – a taste of what we do

Engine and transmission rebuilds: Rebuilds, repairs and modifications in house by our dedicated technician. Air-cooled and modern 987, 996, 997 and Cayenne engines and transmissions.

Porsche Modifications: For performance or for special needs. Suspension, brakes, (power steering for classics), engine, transmission, competition or special needs and requests.

Porsche Accident repairs: For all models of Porsche. We are especially proud of our abilities to reinstate your classic or collectable Porsche to its pre-accident condition. We apply the same care to your modern Porsche. Although your insurer will offer their ‘approved’ repair solution, we are not contracted to them and do not offer them a heavy discount. Therefore we have the budget to repair thoroughly. It’s your right to choose where your damaged Porsche is repaired.

Corrosion repairs for classic Porsche. We have our own in house metal fabrication facility capable of any Porsche body repair from replacement kidney bowls on 911 through to full restorations for 356. All classic Porsche, 356, 911, 964 and 993.

MOT for Porsche:  We have in house MOT testing with the latest equipment.

Porsche Diagnostics: We have the latest diagnostics for your Porsche. And for those before diagnostics was a word, our Porsche mechanics have old school expertise.

Air conditioning. Repair, service and retrofit systems.

Hunter Wheel Alignment.  Porsche respond well to accurate wheel alignment and this is the most accurate of equipment. We use the latest ‘Hunter’ wheel alignment technology. The result is better handling, better straight line stability, less tyre wear (which alone can pay for the alignment) and improved performance and economy. If your wheels are out of line, they drag, wear out more quickly and handle poorly.  should you have a specific issue, or want to change the characteristic (eg for track or rally) then come and discuss, we will use our expertise to make a custom alignment for you.

Corner Weight. We offer corner weight (corner balancing) in addition to precise wheel alignment. If you have an air cool Porsche, or any Porsche with adjustable spring platforms then corner weighting is the business. Lots of 911 I drive exhibit poor behaviour, locking one wheel under braking in wet conditions is the most obvious. Few cars have been balance with weight. If you drive alone, we will adjust to your weight, or with passenger.  Any of you using cars on track, irrespective of Make are welcome to use this service.

Where to find us

Location: Our South West based servicing and repair workshops are based near Plymouth in Saltash just 2 minutes drive from the Tamar Bridge. A warm welcome awaits you at Williams Crawford, chat about your needs to one of our service experts over a coffee, we’ll happily show you around our servicing workshop and showroom.

Personal service: You can discuss your requirement directly, take a tour of our immaculate Porsche workshops, get to know who is looking after your Porsche and enjoy a comfortable, caring atmosphere. We don’t have all the glitz of some Porsche main dealers, but we do have Passion for Porsche in abundance. We’ve repaired and serviced Porsche for clients based all over the country, but due to our locality our core clientele reside here in the South West counties of Cornwall, Devon and Somerset.

If you want good work done correctly, efficiently and honestly to any Porsche 356, 550, all 911 (991, 997, 996, 993, 964) 912, 914, 924, 944, 968, 928, Boxster & Cayman,  Cayenne, Macan & Panamera, call 01752 840307. We look forward to seeing you and your Porsche.

  • Modern Porsche Maintenance

    Do you own a post 1998 Porsche? A 991, 997, 996, Boxster, Cayman, Cayenne, Macan or Panamera?

    Most have a two year service interval which is fine whilst nearly new, but as the cars age, two years between inspection is less and less sensible. We highly recommend an annual inspection. Let our technicians check and inspect before you run into more expensive breakdowns or problems. We could time it with your MOT.

    Heading off on holiday, a track day or tour? Book in for a mini inspection.

  • Classic Porsche Maintenance

    Even with very low annual mileage, we recommend  your classic Porsche is inspected every year and MOT’d irrespective of the age. Modern oils last longer but can absorb rather a lot of condensation in air-cooled cars (sometimes nearly a litre of water….). Brake fluid we test and replace as required, it too absorbs moisture and the boiling point reduces, ultimately giving you a soft or mushy pedal and risking corrosion to the internal parts. Discs corrode with lack of use on the inside face, rubber bushes, gaiters and pipes deteriorate.

    Having made the effort to own a classic Porsche, an annual inspection is a good investment which will reap its rewards with better driveability, reliability, performance and show in your maintenance history that you care. Money well spent.

Please contact us below, we will be in touch to discuss your appointment. 

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