Porsche Cayenne and Porsche Macan service

Porsche Cayenne Service & Macan Servicing in Devon, Cornwall and the South West

We care for all Porsche Cayenne and Macan (petrol, diesel, GTS and Turbo), providing servicing, repairs and MOT.

We’ve decades of Porsche experience, so your Cayenne or Macan will be in safe hands whether it’s nearly new or an older model.

Two of the most popular models on the market, we own and run Porsche Cayennes and Macans ourselves, so we welcome them here.

With facilities far above most independent Porsche dealers or regular service garages, we can look after all your Porsche requirements. Our modern premises are 16,000 sq. ft. of pure Porsche passion!

If your Cayenne or Macan is under a Porsche manufacturer’s warranty, we can service it to Porsche standards. We’ll keep your warranty valid by using all original Porsche components, procedures and diagnostics.

For cars out of warranty, we can recommend alternative, more economical solutions as we’re not governed by rigid manufacturer’s rules. We offer a broader range of repairs and upgrades than a main Porsche Centre. For example, it may be viable to repair a component rather than replace it or use a non-Porsche part instead. ECU’s, instrument clusters, steering racks, suspension, sound systems and trim can often be repaired. And many non-Porsche components are stronger or perform better than the Porsche equivalent.

While your Porsche is in with us, we’ll keep you fully informed of progress, including, where appropriate, photograph and video updates.

Porsche Cayenne and Macan services:

The services we offer for your Porsche Cayenne or Macan include:

  • Hunter laser four-wheel alignment.

  • Air conditioning service for both types of system.

  • Cruise control upgrade.

  • Bodywork dent removal and stone chip rectification.

  • Accident repairs.

  • Ceramic paint protection.

  • MOT testing in house.

  • Alloy wheel refinishing, diamond cutting and replacement.

  • Performance and aesthetic upgrades and bespoke modifications.

  • Complete repaints and colour change makeovers.

  • Interior and upholstery minor repairs and full retrims.

  • Audio enhancements – Bluetooth and DAB etc.

  • Engine and transmission rebuilds.

  • Windscreen chip repairs.

  • Tyre supply.

We also supply and purchase Porsche Cayenne and Macan.

Feedback from our customers:

  • “Williams Crawford has provided the best support of any specialist that I have used during thirty years of Porsche ownership. The team elevates customer service to an art form! I would recommend Williams Crawford unreservedly for all things Porsche.” Dr James W.
  • “Polite, professional and service completed on time, good Covid precautions in place.” Christine S.
  • “Passionate Porsche specialists. Amazing stock and second to none workshop. I asked Williams Crawford to code a replacement key which was carried out at short notice and very quickly. If you’re in the South West and looking for a Porsche or need work carried out on your own vehicle, I would recommend checking them out.” Orlando B.
  • “The company slogan is “Passion for Porsche” and that is just what you get. Brilliant service, friendly staff and first-class maintenance of my 911 and Macan. If only the franchised Porsche dealer for Devon and Cornwall was half as good, Sadly they are not in the same league as Williams Crawford who truly cares about looking after your Porsche.” Julian W.

Porsche Cayenne and Macan commonalities


Tiptronic/PDK transmission: The automatic gearboxes are generally robust, but like all mechanical components, there can be issues. Typically this might be a sensation of slipping, juddering or vibration. You may notice the feeling under acceleration or pulling away when reversing, manoeuvring or turning tightly. If you are experiencing this issue, please make an appointment to diagnose and resolve the problem quickly. If it is indeed an internal transmission fault, failure can occur soon after the sensations appear.

Repairing the existing transmission is rarely a cost-effective or long-term solution, so we recommend installing a factory reconditioned and warranted gearbox.

Coolant leaks:Typically, you will first see the low coolant warning light on the dash. You may need to top up the coolant level occasionally, or you might notice the sweet smell of the antifreeze when the car is warm. Signs of drips of pink or red liquid are most likely to be a coolant leak. The most common issue is leaking coolant pipes on top of the engine. Early diagnosis and correction will prevent overheating, internal engine damage or additional repairs.

Cayenne drive train noises: If you’re experiencing an unpleasant thump, clonk or vibration from under the floor, we can offer a high-quality alternative and a far more economical solution to the Official Porsche Centre new prop shaft repair.

Petrol misfire: Caused by faulty coil packs, a petrol misfire may trigger a warning light and cause rough running. If you sense, feel or hear an unevenness or misfire, bring your car to use for a diagnostic test. We can offer either Porsche brand components or an OE quality replacement coil pack at a significant saving. Ignoring the issue can lead to damage to far more expensive components such as catalytic converters.

Xenon Light failure: Your fault could be simply a bulb, which is an easy fix. If not, it’s often the ballast resistor mounted under the headlamp unit. We can offer both the original Porsche branded unit or a quality alternative.

Engine warning lights: Any engine warning lights need investigation. We use the latest PIWIS (Porsche Integrated Workshop Information System) diagnostic. Many garages chase faults using lesser equipment, wasting money on new fitting components when not necessary. With our diagnostic tools, we have a high chance of efficiently identifying the issue and repairing it.

Water drains: We recommend that the water drains are checked and cleared at every service. It’s a small cost and one that is often overlooked but can prevent significant problems and high costs. We modify the drain to discourage future build-up. Water ingress can be slight to severe – from damp footwells, causing steamy windows to flooded ECU’s (electronic control unit), causing random engine management warning lights and possibly complete system failure. Porsche Cayenne models with sunroofs have four additional drains which require extra checking.

Cayenne Suspension noise: Cayennes are very durable, but some have been on the road for a long time. If your Cayenne clonks, knocks or squeaks, bring it in to be checked. Worn bushes on the front suspension arms are often the cause. We typically replace the whole front suspension control arm, complete with a new balljoint. Again, there’s a choice of genuine Porsche components or OE quality parts. Once fitted, we use our Hunter laser alignment system to align all four wheels to manufacturer settings perfectly. Continued use of a worn suspension arm can cause premature wear (often the inside edge) of an expensive tyre, poor steering, poor straight-line stability and cornering.

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