Seven easy Porsche maintenance and safety Tips for the Winter that will take you less than 30 minutes and could save you a fortune.

We have 5 great technicians in the workshop to help you, and although we a pleased to look after your service and maintenance needs there are some simple checks you can do yourself, that will improve your safety and may prevent  more serious problems. If you would prefer to book yours into the service department for us to check over please call Kevin Viney, who is our new service manager on 01752 840307.

1. Brakes. Take a good close look at your discs. Porsche that stand still for long will often suffer with the brake discs corroding. This is often unseen as it is the back surface of the disc that gets affected the worst. If the outer surface has corrosion pits evident, then your braking efficiency will be reduced. If you feel vibration when you brake….bring it in. We can check very quickly. You need good brakes. 4 minutes.

Brakes maintenance. Brake fluid should be  tested annually, it absorbs moisture and can cause corrosion inside your brake system and ultimately loss of brake performance. Fluid ages and the pedal becomes soggy. If you purchased or have serviced with us recently you should be okay as we always test.

2. Brakes again. ABS. Does yours have it? More to the point does it work? Many never use the ABS and it will eventually stop operating. The MOT may not pick u[p the fault. Go onto a quiet piece of road and where safe apply the brakes so hard that you can feel the pedal pulsing (the ABS working). If the tyres lock up…it isn’t working call us. Use it or lose it. 10 minutes.

3. Tyres. I am sure you will be setting pressures correctly, and not confusing BAR measurements with PSI. Also take a really close look at the inside edges of the tyres. These often go unnoticed on quick inspection. You need good tread there too. Also the tyre age. Rubber deteriorates with age, grip is reduced. Integrity diminishes. The age is usually four numbers, the week and the year. If over 6 years old call for advice.  Tyres need to be right, especially in poor driving weather, correct pressures are vital, tread depth for winter weather needs to be good (simply passing an MOT isn’t good enough) they should be the right rating, N marked as suitable for Porsche, without chunks in the sidewall. spend 5 minutes checking. You can always email a pic to us for advice. 5 minutes.

Tyre age. First two numbers the week, second two the year. In this case March 2010.

4. Steamed up? Feel under the carpets, you may need to shift the seat forward, feel the bottom edge of the door panels. Steamed up windows is usually water ingress. All models could suffer but especially Boxster and 996. Leaks are not just an inconvenience but your Electircal Control unit lives on the floor under the left seat. It does not like water. Boxster’s and 996 Cabrio have drains underneath the soft top, these must be kept clear. All models rely on a membrane behind the door to deflect the water, this is often faulty and evident by damp on the bottom of the door panels. 5 minutes.

5.Lit up? Go around and check all your lights are operating correctly.

6.Can you see? Top up washer fluid with the correct washer fluid mix, not just plain water. It will prevent freezing. Do the wipers judder, screech or leave lines? Replace. A clear screen is vital. 5 mins.

7. Check your oil. We just had a customer arrive here with literally just a splash of oil in his car. This cannot be good. And is massively risky to your wallet. Remeber on the air cool 911 you check hot , at idle, ignoring any indications of level when cold. On all other models you check when stationary wither by the dipstick or on later cars by the dashboard display. 2 mins.

How often should you have your car inspected? As cars become older so they should be seen more often. Little or no use is not the answer either. Modern Porsche have long service intervals which is fine whilst they are under 3 years old but does expose you to more risk as the cars age. Therefore even on a small mileage you should have your Porsche inspected annually. For Boxster and water cool 911, Cayman you should ask for the oil filter to be inspected irrespective of miles and use. Just today we found a filter with debris in it. Upon finding that we can perform the preventative maintenance that could otherwise be a complete engine failure or rebuild costing £5-10,000. The cost is minimal. Call or email us  for advice or assistance.