Here at Williams Crawford our reputation is what we care about most, looking after our customers with extra care and attention is of great importance. All our staff are proud to be part of the team and will go the extra mile for anyone that visits, calls or makes contact with us. We want to create a business that operates at the very top of its capabilities. We are continually reviewing what we do and striving to be even better.

We supply Porsche and other vehicles to clients worldwide. It’s important that we describe each vehicle truthfully, with clarity and accuracy and our clients rely on our reputation and expertise. If you would like us to supply your next vehicle, Porsche or otherwise, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Porsche 933 manual coupeHi Adrian, Just a quick line to say that I am absolutely delighted with my dream car: a 993 manual coupe in Speed Yellow. We drove the car back to Spain via the Plymouth-Santander ferry and the car behaved faultlessly on the way down to its new home in Madrid, where it now attracts some very admiring looks whenever we go out. You will be glad to hear that the car is no garage queen, and is being driven hard on the fast country roads in the mountains to the west of the city. Yes, it gets dirty on a regular basis… but cleaning it is also a treat! It is an absolute pleasure to deal with you, Richard, Kim and the rest of the team. It’s rare to find that blend of friendliness and professionalism in a company, but you guys have managed to achieve it. Keep up the good work! To those reading these testimonials: if you are in the market for your dream Porsche look no further. You will not find better cars or better service. Thanks Adrian!   Toby Webster, Porsche 993 coupe

I had been thinking about buying a Porsche for a few years, Unfortunately I didn’t have a huge amount of money to spend, so my choice was limited. I was also worried about the cost of ownership. Initially I thought about a 924 Turbo, but finally settled on a Boxter  as not only is it a “proper Porsche” but as a second hand buy represents excellent value. I know there are many out there but finding a good one isn’t easy and if you don’t want to get your fingers burnt it’s important to do the research. That’s why I came to you, you guys probably know more about Porsches than anyone else, whether scorcing, restoration or sales. The indepth knowlege displayed by you staff and the accurate description of the car prior to my visit was reassuring, as was the open no pressure sales experience. From start to finish I was treated like the most important customer you had. The car itself was excellenty prepared and presented. I have had the car about two months now and I am truly delighted with it. Any one in doubt about the Boxter obviously hasn’t driven one. Just take a look at the customer reviews on the motoring magazines web sites. And if you’re considering a Porsche I urge you to try one. I will keep you up to date on my ongoing ownership experience.   Mr Hillman, Porsche Boxster.

Porsche 997 C4Hi Matt, Adrian, and team at Williams Crawford, Just a note to say how pleased we are with our new 997 C4. The whole experience has been a pleasure. I had been looking on and off at “previously enjoyed” 911s for a number of years and never quite got to the point where I had found the right car or more importantly the right dealer that gave me the confidence it was not all going to end in expensive tears. From the moment we arrived and were welcomed by one of your mechanics it was clear we were in for a different kind of experience. It was a rare treat to have someone with the knowledge and patience of Adrian to tolerate my Internet fuelled misconceptions and help guide our thinking from looking at a Yellow 914 (I still want one) to the Cobalt Blue 997 in a spec that would have been my exact same choices 10 years ago. That wife and daughter loved the colour and son felt it had the right supercar credentials made the decision that much easier. After a very enjoyable morning (that made me realise I may not be the only car nut in the family), we had lunch in Plymouth and decided there and then it was the one for us. The collection experience was equally professional – Matt had the car prepared to a very high standard and talked me through all the recent work done to ensure it was just ready to drive. Nothing serious, but equally nothing I had needed to push for – your focus on delivering a sound car is very re-assuring. Having now driven the car back to Oxfordshire it is already getting plenty of use with Sunday blasts, school runs and “do we need milk” excuses to go for a little drive. You can spend a lot of time researching, reading and poking around less than stellar examples, and it is part of the experience – but, I would recommend anyone to just get down to Saltash and talk to your team. They will be in safe hands.   Scott, Porsche 997

Porsche Cayman SDear Matt, I had wanted to write to you after the delivery of my Porsche Cayman S and your email invitation was a timely reminder. Although I will not be able to attend your innovative’ Cars and Coffee’ morning I do hope it’s a great success and allows for a positive interaction. I would like you to know that as someone who runs his own business and is a salesman himself I am only to aware of how irritating it is to have too much sales pressure and how it can put a potential buyer off it is not gauged correctly. Although your company is in the enviable position of representing one of the finest pre-owned marques of motor engineering available the fact still remains that you gauged the amount of interaction and attention during the viewing process perfectly. This together with an amazing knowledge of the product, the vehicle presentation and the clear professionalism in which you conducted yourself left the other sellers we had come across to date, to put it mildly, firmly in the shade ! I these days of all to many platitudes and general mediocrity it is reassuring to know that companies such as yours adopt the highest standards of service and care towards its enquirers after which I am sure if their intentions are serious will always result in a sale and thereafter loyal and happy customers…. I am enjoying the car immensely.Colin, Porsche Cayman S.

Porsche CaymanGood evening Adrian, It’s just over three weeks now since we exchanged the 964/Cayman. I will be writing a more detailed testimonial in the near future, but wanted to take a few minutes to thank you personally for your help, assistance and professionalism. I know that the professionalism is born from more of a passion for the brand than a want to trade. Well, it certainly seems like that. The Cayman is not only a usable machine, but an absolute weapon when required. The more I drive the car, the more confidence it inspires. I also can’t stop smiling as I see it, clean it, drive it or even take compliments from passers by (which I am surprised about for a modern Porsche). The blonde haired General has now admitted that she didn’t really like the 964, but loves the Cayman. “Happy wife, happy life” and all that. Please also pass on my thanks to all other team members at Williams Crawford for the equal levels of enthusiasm and professionalism they portray. I appreciate that you may receive laudatory emails on a regular basis, but as a full member of the Institute of the Motor Industry, Certified Automotive Engineer and Registered Professional, I do not pass compliments without due reason. Many thanks, Mark.   Mark, Porsche Cayman.

Porsche BoxterIt’s been a couple of months now since I made the trip down and realised my boyhood dream of owning a Porsche and I wanted to say a big thank-you to you and the team at Williams Crawford. The Boxster has surpassed my expectations (and I can be picky!) and has just completed a faultless 500 mile round trip to the Le Mans 24hr. Even amongst the plethora of other Porsches, Astons, Ferraris etc… that were on display it gained admiring glances and compliments throughout the trip, the  immaculate condition coupled with the stunning Zanzibar paintwork making it stand out from the crowd. I can promise you this car will continue to be cherished 🙂 Martyn. Porsche Boxster

911Although I loved my 65 E-Type it was becoming highly impractical to drive in busy traffic. So where to next? I fancied a classic Porsche so I did some research and decided Adrian was the best man to speak to. After an initial conversation on the phone he told me about this lovely motor. Within a month or so it was here, all major wok done and just as I had hoped. It still puts a smile on my face every time I drive it. And…….it is the most serviced car in the world. It comes to Sunday service every week (sorry!). D. Phillips – UK. Porsche 911 Supersport

993 TargaI had been thinking of changing my Porsche for approx. 18 months. I wanted something special, but was not sure what. Adrian assured me this one was quite special, it was a pleasure and a privilege dealing with Williams Crawford. Absolutely love the car. Though she is parked in a heated garage with her pyjamas on until Spring time. Overall it was a very pleasant experience to deal with such lovely honorable people albeit we live some 500 miles apart.    Gavin. Porsche 993 Targa.

993I had only been looking for a Porsche for a few days in reality. So it was quite a quick decision. There were no problems to speak of as it was such a short period of time. This particular Porsche was the right car, right condition, right miles, and right colour – pretty instant decision really.Dealing with Williams Crawford was fun! It was great to deal with people who know and have a passion for and appreciation of the cars. This is the most important thing to me. Adrian is such a good, honest, knowledgeable bloke. It was a pleasure to deal with both Adrian and Richard. So far the car has just had the run home and now resting up in the garage. Fabulous to drive, a real occasion every time I look at it.Everything we agreed to be done on the car was done and I am very impressed this was done to the finest detail and beyond my expectations. The car was presented beautifully, fitting for this car.I think the personal and knowledgeable approach to dealing with customers really works well. It is a real strong point when someone talking to you about the cars is every bit as enthusiastic about them as you are. Balanced honest appraisal of the vehicle is very helpful and inspires confidence.    Roman – Porsche 993.

I had been thinking of buying a Porsche for 10 years. There were very few about that I liked the look of or trusted the look of. I considered buying this particular one as Adrian seemed genuinely very passionate about it.It was lovely dealing with Williams Crawford, I felt in safe hands with Adrian and Megan was very well organised. It is a terrific car with a really unique character, completely the opposite of ‘run of the mill’.Basically when you buy an ordinary car, you automatically have to assume that everyone in the second hand car trade is a carbon copy of Arthur Daly, which is sad as many are not. When you buy a special old car these set of values we hold change a bit and because of age and the inevitability that the car will have had a great deal of work done on it, you shift far more trust onto the dealer. Secondly and crucially, the dealer may well want you back again to buy another car, which most newer car sellers couldn’t care less about.In summary if you are buying into a passion, you need trust, longevity, great service, knowledge of the mark in terms of investment opportunity (particularly at the moment with rising prices) and a sense that the dealer cares way beyond selling you that one car.I liked Adrian, he had a sense of humour and wasn’t sharp or pushy. He was passionate and knowledgeable and didn’t trot out any cheesy lines. I felt he cared about my purchase.    Oliver – UK. Porsche 911 2.4E

I had been thinking about buying a Porsche for about 3 years. The problems I encountered were finding the right spec, colour, interior. I considered purchasing the particular one because of the reputation of Williams Crawford and the spec of car.It was very straight forward dealing with Adrian and Richard, convincing me the car would be as I would expect and it living up to expectation. I took a one way way train ticket from the Midlands on the strength of the conversation and was not disappointed once I saw the car.Loving every minute I drive it, the car has had a lot of compliments from both people I know and some I don’t. The condition of the car along with the intoxicating sound of the engine puts a smile on my face every time. On returning home my next door neighbour was really impressed with the car so much so he went out and bought a 997 3 days later! Buying a car from a Porsche specialist was always important to me and I was really pleased with the buying  experience, the workshop was full of great early 911’s which was worth visit alone. Richard explained the spec and history of the car and allowed me enough time and space to view the car in more detail.    Dean – Porsche 993. Midlands, UK.

Thank you for all your help, & lunch , You have dug out an excellent car , very comfortable , We all love it even my son seems to accept the colour now ( Must be the Porsche badges ). Seriously it’s a credit to your company , A quality & very professional approach to it all , I will keep in touch.    Richard W***, UK.

Porsche CaymanI wanted one for many years but only in last 6 months had looked seriously. Most in price range were often sold by private sales or non-Porsche garages. I wanted the re-assurance of the someone with experience and knowledge of Porsche vehicles. Was particularly after a Cayman of this age but given the condition, mileage and the re-assurance of recommendations to yourselves as independent specialists I did not actually look at any others. Excellent service standards and knowledge of individuals within the company very comforting. This was totally different to other “car sales” operations in that there was not some salesman was patronising and full of bull sh** trying to justify the price etc. Excellent vehicle, lovely to drive and when the wipers squeak, just turn up the music even louder!!    Stuart, UK.

I have always wanted to buy a Porsche but there was always something else needing the cash, a couple of months ago I had a health wake up call and then I decided that it was definitely the time to buy one. We were lucky enough to come across your company and the rest was simple. We gave Richard an idea of what we were looking for and he came up with exactly what we wanted in fact it exceeded our expectations. An absolute pleasure. Love it to bits and makes me smile every time I get into it. The tiny problem we had soon after purchase was dealt with quickly and efficiently. Thank you. The whole experience was a pleasure.    Michael, UK.

I’d been thinking of buying a Porsche for many years but only had the opportunity recently to seriously consider it. No problems were encountered because after looking online for a few weeks l contacted a friend who recomended Williams Crawford. I enquired straight away and a car became available within 24 hours! l wanted a 993 because it is the last of aircooled line so historically important (in my opinion) with values possibly rising in future. Also by buying the last of an era l felt it was less likely that I would keep looking at the latest and best so more likely to stay satisfied with the one l had. l also think that it is the best looking 911 of all. Dealing with WC was great.They appreciated that I am not a wealthy individual but someone who was finally achieving a childhood ambition. It seemed like they were genuinely doing their best to ensure that l bought a good car within my budget. Love the car and it has generated quite a bit of interest here in Guernsey, with a lot of compliments about it’s condition. l recently used it on a run from Portsmouth to Manchester and then down Weymouth taking in Motorways, A roads and B roads in weather ranging from 28°C+ sunshine to night time driving rain and the car was faultless. Hope to keep it until I’m to old drive anymore!    Gary, Guernsey.

Porsche BoxterWhen I decided to fulfil a promise I made myself and buy a Porsche I started by investigating the market. I’m cautious and the warnings about rogue cars kept me wary of garage offers. So I spent some time talking to the Porsche specialist garages in my area, they gave by great advice and then pointed me to Richard. When we first met he took the time to find out about us; what kind of people are we, what kind of driver I am, what kind of owner will I be and what my expectations are. He established that time was not important but the right car was. We wanted a blue Boxster and they are not that common. He greatly impressed us with his knowledge and consideration of getting ‘the right car’ for us. He warned it might take some time. Over the next 5 months we kept in touch and eventually he contacted to say he had the car he was waiting for. It was exactly what we wanted a 2007 987 in midnight blue – fantastic. Wind the clock back 40 years and as a young trainee engineer I saw up close my very first Porsche proudly owned by a colleague, I promised myself that one day… Finding someone who is beyond being passionate about Porsche to find your car makes for a truly great experience. What’s more they are really nice guys as well!    Steve W***, Porsche Boxster.

Porsche BoxterWhilst whiling away the last few weeks in Russia I started to research replacing the family convertible.We did know we wanted a soft top but didn’t need 4 seats any more so I started looking at the usual suspects but after discussions with friends started looking further afield.I had always assumed Porsches to be slightly beyond me so never entertained the idea of owning one (except in a dream!) but then I had never looked into Boxsters. So I was pleasantly surprised to find them affordable and relatively reliable as long as they are looked after. So the hunt was on for one, a late 986 or an early 987 would fall into my budget. The internet is a great place to do research so I earmarked a few and waited until I returned the UK before starting the search in earnest. One of the sites found on a web search was Williams Crawford after I had searched for ‘Boxsters Buyers Guide’. I came across Adrian’s web book and purchased it. So armed with concise notes I set off examining various cars. I had seen this car on your website but thought Saltash was too far to visit. However after visiting half a dozen I thought I should so called and spoke with Adrian. If I had read his ‘how to buy a Boxster’ then perhaps the next thing was to buy one from him, peace of mind and all that!!So I duly visited and was welcomed in, drove the car and put a deposit on there and then! When I returned Richard had done a few things to the car that we had agreed on the previous week and I looked forward to driving the Boxster home to Oxfordshire! It was altogether a great experience buying the car and it still is now getting used to it. It’ll take awhile but it’s a true delight and we have to pinch ourselves occasionally when we open the garage. Driving it has been a pleasure except for the 3” #8 screw which put paid to one of the brand new rear tyres on the Chichester bypass! Ouch! We look forward to many miles in the Boxster and have a European trip already in the pipeline this summer.Many thanks to all in Saltash for helping with the purchase of a first Porsche to be painless and easy and would like to think that our next one will come from Williams Crawford.    Nick Jo***. Porsche Boxster

My heart was set on a late model Porsche Boxster. My car had to be a convertible, and having considered the 911 and Boxster, the smaller car just felt right to me. The problem was finding a good one! I’m a very fussy buyer and keep my cars in as close to new condition as possible, so I wanted the very best as a starting point. I must have looked at ten different cars of varying quality when a friend put me on to Adrian at Williams Crawford. Instantly Adrian knew the kind of buyer I was and said he’d keep an eye out for me, but made it quite clear that a five year old car in showroom condition for my budget wasn’t the kind of thing he saw every day.Amazingly, just a few days later Adrian rang me and said he’d found something that I may be very interested in. The car was from a very fastidious buyer and it all checked out on his investigations. A set of detailed photographs and a thorough report later and I was ready to buy the car. It sounded perfect. When I arrived at Williams Crawford, I realised every car they had there was of the kind of standard I would consider, and my Boxster was perfect in every way.It’s not just the buying process that is second to none, but the relationship they build with you, and the aftercare you receive too. I have already said my next car will be coming from Williams Crawford, I can’t wait!   Tom S.

Well I have had the car for just over six months and still smile every time I climb in her! I recently took the car to my local independent, RPM Porsche, for a full 12k service and MOT. She sailed through the MOT with no problems reported and the technicians at RPM were raving about the general condition of the car. They said they have not seen one that good for many a year! They performed a ‘leak test’ on the engine and reported 2% in five cylinders and 3% in the remaining one! Again they were astounded, apparently that is ‘new’ engine or ‘rebuilt’ standard! Good news indeed! The car gets admiring glances wherever I go and one couple I met flatly refused to believe the car was nearly 19 years old! Just thought I’d share the info with you and, once again, thank you for sourcing me such a fine 911. Hope everything is going well for you and I will not hesitate to recommend your services to others. Feel free to add this note to your website if you wish, I am a very happy customer!   Regards Howard L.

A big thanks for sorting the problem with my Boxster. It’s running great…..Thanks again for your help, I think I shall be ready for the 3.2 some time next year!   Phill. Devon.

Hello Adrian. Well, it’s a little over one year now since I made the long train trip down to Saltash to buy the above Boxster from you. I am very pleased I did too. The car has been running beautifully, with only a new battery and an ignition switch requiring replacement. She passed her MOT recently with no advisories. I have enjoyed every minute of open top motoring in such a well built piece of German engineering. One of the first thing I did was to get the garage floor and walls painted in the new house ready for the Boxster. She even sits on her own piece of carpet! Would like a 996 longer term, but for now the Boxster puts a silly grin on my face every time I get behind the wheel. Every trip is an event, which is what it should be in a Porsche. Thanks for introducing me to the joys of Porsche ownership.   Christopher.

Dealing with Adrian put my mind at rest. Being busy means that I didn’t have time to deal with all the intricacies of buying a new car. Adrian took all the bother away from me. He was someone whom I could trust to give me the best advice and ensure that I got the right car for me. The service was excellent and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone else.    Emma Smith. Business Director.

I am extremely pleased, it is everything I hoped it would be and more. I can thoroughly recommend the service you offer, it is painless and secure in that I now know that the cars you supply are as described and photographed.   N. Cattell. London.

I thought I’d write and let you know that the car is absolutely stunning …..I also wanted to say a big thank-you for sourcing me this wonderful machine – yet another car you’ve supplied me that has far out-weighed my expectations – I can’t imagine another car that would surpass the quality of this one – definitely a machine I’m going to have a whole lot of fun with in the next few years! The experience of purchasing it was also a pleasure – hassle free, relaxed and extremely professional. Best wishes with the business and I wish you every success.    993 Carrera 4S – Dominic – Devon.

Great to finally meet you, and thanks for finding me a pristine car. I am sure that I will be contacting you sometime in the future.    Dominic P. London

I just like to say thanks again for your help, the car is wonderful……the 993 is everything I hoped for and more, what an excellent example! I can only add that I would have no hesitation in using your services again and in highly recommending you to my friends & colleagues (I’ve already had two requests for your business card!). 993 Carrera – Pete M.

The car’s beautiful – I’m just beginning the learning journey – and just beginning to appreciate just how good it is.   911 Targa – David W – Somerset.

I wanted to thank you again for finding me a Porsche that is beyond my expectations. Whilst you maintain that its not possible to supply this quality of car all the time, I found your service and honesty exceptional.  993 Carrera 2 (also a BMW, Cayenne, 997 and a 993) – John S S – Oxfordshire.

The car is terrific goes so well and sounds awesome, 5 washes in under 3 weeks with another planned this weekend, I am just starting to sleep at nights I cannot get the car out of my mind – thank you I will strongly recommend you to my friends.    Regards Tony.

Thanks for all your help, the car is great and im having a ball spinning into work with the top down on these sunny mornings! Everything is running fine and its lovely to drive are really suits the roads around me. Sorry i did’nt get to meet you in person but i will be back in a couple of years for another! Thanks.   911 Cabrio – Sam.