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We specialise in Porsche and have over 20 years’ experience buying, selling, enhancing and modifying the very best from Stuttgart. Over the years we have become more and more besotted with the Porsche Ethos and design philosophy, the idea that one car actually can do it all, that continual refinement and development over a long period has created what many consider to be the ultimate driving machine and the ultimate expression of Germanic engineering. It’s easy to see why Petrol heads like us gravitate to Porsche and why as a marque they continue to go from strength to strength. There are not many alternatives when you consider real world driving pleasure so often has to yield to usability, reliability and value for money, on these grounds Porsche simply cannot be beaten. 

What if you had to consider none of the above, what if you could for fill the dreams of your school boys years. What if you were looking for the most outrageous statement of automotive excess, what if you were looking for the most anti Porsche sport car out there, well if the budget allowed it would be an F40 wouldn’t it?


Here at Williams Crawford we offer a Prestige Brokering Service that allows us the opportunity to work with some other really exotic machines. We have just been tasked with the re homing of this very special Ferrari F40 – It’s not every day you get to assess this kind of machine, meet the owner and spend an afternoon taking a really close look around one of the most iconic cars of all time.

We will be taking serious enquiries on this vehicle so if you have room in your life for one of the very best F40’s available please feel free to get in touch.