Top Ten Tips When Buying a Porsche

Top Ten Tips When Buying a Porsche

1. Always run a data check for finance, damage, theft e.t.c

2. Always check the V.I.N. number is correct in all the places and has no signs of tampering.

3. Follow your instincts. Never assume a shiny Porsche is a good one.

4. Avoid buying with emotion.

5. If you don’t like the seller, don’t buy.

6. Nice Porsche usually come from nice people.

7. Gain as much knowledge as you can beforehand.

8. When you find the right example have the confidence to go for it.

9. Take your time to buy the right Porsche in the right condition, it will pay.

10. Not so much a buying tip but an ownership tip. Find a friendly, honest and careful place or person to look after your Porsche. If it is beyond the warranty period consider using an Independant Porsche Specialist to care for your car