This Porsche 964 is one of one.

You won’t find it in a brochure or a price list from the period.  But back in the 80’s and 90’s the Porsche Factory was smaller and more flexible. They would make cars in colour to sample and leather to sample, they would incorporate modifications and enhancements to a clients taste and just occasionally create a special model….usually for VIP clients.

Porsche make (made) the 991 (911 R) in small numbers (under a 1000) and prices have gone wild.

The 991 GT3RS of which plenty were made (most estimates are 7500-9000) sells for significantly more than it cost new.

And then you have this.

A Porsche that few people knew existed at all.

The most similar car is the 964 Anniversary (Jubilee) of which just 911 were built Worldwide and they command serious money for collectors.

But this is one of just 3 964 WTL  built for the UK and a model that few know about.

This might be described as a 964 Jubilee, to the same specification but without the numbering and in a unique colour.

Ordered through our local Porsche Centre for collection direct from the Factory, what was the reason behind the creation of this car?

Did Porsche have too many spare bodies? Did an important customer demand the last of the traditional 911 shape, because by the time this 964 was built, the production of 993 was already rolling down the line.

Whatever the story, this 964 was destined to be collected by a gentleman living in North Devon and collected direct from the Factory in Stuttgart. 

Beautiful kept over the years, this is a Porsche that would be welcomed at shows and should be displayed to the public. It’s a Porsche like no other.

As far as beauty goes, we think its got it. As far as banking on the future, having a low production Porsche is a fair bet, having one of one….even better.

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