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Unleash your Porsche’s performance with TracTive suspension systems

If you think you’re getting the most out of your Porsche with the suspension set-up you are currently running, think again. Unleash your Porsche’s performance with a TracTive suspension system – state of the art, modern technology for your classic or modern Porsche.

TracTive suspension has been independently developing the technology behind its semi-active, adaptive electronic systems since 2010. World-leading, TracTive offers the fastest reacting, lowest friction, 1-way, 3-way and semi-active electronic ACE and R-ACE suspension options.

As TracTive Suspension’s exclusive South West dealer for Porsche products, we can now offer the most accomplished, sophisticated, quality engineered, aftermarket suspension solutions available.

Imagine combining the analogue purity of an air-cooled classic Porsche with the fastest reacting damping (6-10ms) and having five different suspension maps selectable from the driver’s seat. It’ll improve the comfort of your daily commute and your performance on the race track.

If you’re looking for the most superior suspension modification for your modern-day 996, 997, Boxster, Cayman or 991 through to a classic model – whichever model of Porsche you have, unleash your car’s potential with a TracTive suspension system.

Tractive Suspension available at Williams Crawford in Cornwall
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TracTive Suspension Systems for Porsche

TracTive Suspension is the official sponsor of the 911 Challenge and Porsche Club Motorsport. Porsche Club GB are reviving the Pirelli Porsche Classic series, which ran for several seasons in the 80’s. The 911 Challenge is for all 911s up to and including 964.