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We speak plain Porsche, not gobbledygook or techno sales speak. We are specialist dealers that take real care of Porsche from the 1950’s air-cooled classic 356 through to the very latest near new 992, Cayenne, Macan, Panamera and 718 models.

We are not car snobs. We look after Porsche of any era and are of just the right size that we have enough resources and experience to cope but remain small enough to care. Services we offer include Porsche sales, sourcing to order, brokerage, repairs, servicing, modifications, full restorations to original or to your bespoke wishes plus dealing with accident repairs achieving a level of detail that is rarely seen. At our specialist Porsche centre here in the South West, we look after our clients throughout Devon, Somerset and Cornwall, but also maintain and repair Porsche for clients throughout the UK. We are experienced with shipping vehicles for our buyers, or Porsche repairs. We have customers from Europe, Asia, North America and beyond enjoying our attention to detail and ability to solve their problems.

We are proud to be known for our honesty and expertise. Even after over 25 years, we still share the Passion for Porsche.

Our Invitation. We would love to show you around our showroom and service centre here on the border of Devon and Cornwall, view the beautiful Porsche we have for sale and to show you around our workshops, irrespective of your interests.

Adrian Crawford, Richard Williams, Anthony Ainslie and the team.

Used Porsche For Sale in our South West based Showroom

Buying a used Porsche from someone that is experienced, expert and keen to keep a good reputation has to be a sensible idea? For us, it’s a way of life more than simply a way of profit. We stock a range of quality used Porsche for sale, from classic 356 through 50 years of 911, Cayenne, Macan, Boxster, Cayman and Panamera, and if we don’t have the car you want, just ask and maybe we can find it for you.

Our pre-owned Porsche are sold with transparency, usually with our own warranty and always with fairness in mind.

Try our Free Online Porsche Valuation Service

We now offer a free Porsche valuation service, where we can discuss current market conditions and give our best advice whether you are considering part-exchanging or selling your Porsche. Sometimes we can buy your Porsche for more money, make a part exchange situation better or help and advise the best way to sell your Porsche (even if it isn’t with us or you are moving from the brand).

Unlike an online service such as We Buy Any Car, we love Porsche and are interested in any era, either in perfect condition through to those that are poorly.

Sell your Porsche the Easy Way

The online car buying services do make it easy, though it can’t be easier than with us, or more beneficial.  As a UK Porsche independent dealer, we are not constrained by the demands of an Official Porsche Centre (OPC), or by an online service. We treat each customer uniquely and can discuss a range of selling options that others are unable to offer.

We buy Porsche but we also offer a Porsche brokerage service. (Sale or Return) We can also sell on your behalf should you choose the auction route. Ultimately, we will give you the best advice for your purpose. We can make selling your Porsche easy, safe and painless. Incidentally, we are often asked to handle a group or collection of cars, not just Porsche.

Porsche Servicing and Repairs by Specialist Technicians

Official Porsche Centre or a long-standing Porsche Servicing Independent? Which should you choose? The advantage we have is the flexibility; we can often repair rather than simply fit new, use stronger, better or more economic solutions unavailable to the official UK Porsche Centres.

We offer a broader range of services and expertise and are not governed by ‘group targets’. Neither are we ‘incentivising’ our Porsche technicians to ‘look for work’.

We are proud of our team of keen, careful, and interested technicians. We have the specialists (and the equipment) in-house for modern Porsche and those who specialise in 356 and early 911 classic Porsche. We have a dedicated engine and transmission technician who works full-time on Porsche from all eras; from the early air-cooled through to the modern Porsche 987, 996, 997 and Cayenne engines and transmissions plus an in-house metal fabricator for those more severe accident repairs and major restoration jobs.

You can discuss your requirement directly, take a tour of our immaculate Porsche workshops, get to know who is looking after your Porsche and enjoy a comfortable, caring atmosphere. We don’t have all the glitz of some Porsche main dealers, but we do have Passion for Porsche in abundance.

Classic Porsche Restoration – Breathing new life into your beloved vehicle

Attention to detail…..listening to the customer……..we have decades of expertise with classic Porsche restoration. We know how your classic 356 Pre A should work, how they should be built, which are the ‘correct’ components, screws, clips and finishes and know the problems that are easy to overlook if less experienced hands work on it.  We know how a 911 2.7 RS ought to operate and how it ought to be assembled, the grain of the vinyl, the style of a washer, the sound of the door. We understand the more modern air-cooled such as the 964 and 964 RS, 993 and of course handle both 930 and 911 impact bumper cars.

We are very confident in our abilities to repair or restore your classic Porsche in a way that a body shop or multi make workshop cannot.  We can discuss creating factory-correct finishes or solutions to improve, change, modify, prepare for adventure or personalise your pride and joy.  Our job is to help you enjoy your ownership. Clients send thie cars, not just from Devon and Cornwall, but throughout the UK, from Europe, Asia and North America.

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We don’t just do Porsche Monday to Fridays, we have a habit of letting it get in the way of our holidays, weekends and evenings too! Catch up with our team as we test drive, race, restore and make the front covers…