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Porsche Engine & Transmission

Experts in Porsche Engines & Transmissions.

At Williams Crawford we have some of the best technicians in the business, they live & breathe Porsche every day, so when it comes to the engine & transmission of your Porsche, they can certainly help irrespective of model or age.

We offer Porsche engine rebuilds or repairs for 986, 996, 987, 997, 981,991 Cayenne & Macan, along with all classic Porsche.

Contrary to disaster stories on the internet or the non-experts down the pub, Porsche engines are typically high quality and durable. Scaremongering is very often misjudged in severity, regularity, and to which model or age of Porsche. The internet might not actually reflect the norm.

All cars and models of Porsche have certain characteristics that can cause trouble. No machinery is immune. We have the experience and equipment to quickly put your mind at rest or identify an issue.

Bore scoring is one ‘internet’ issue that people talk about as though it applies to every Porsche, simply put…it does not.  However, for some models of Porsche excessive oil consumption may be caused by cylinder bore scoring. Should you be concerned, be suffering high oil consumption or perhaps hear an audible tick that has developed over time, please contact us to arrange inspection or seek advice. We repair engines with bore scoring.

IMS bearing replacement is another prominent ‘issue’ that is mentioned on the internet, and very often without any actual knowledge or accuracy. It only applies to a small range of cars and age, (call and we can tell you if it applies to yours). The IMS bearing (intermediate shaft bearings) can very occasionally fail, though its usually preceded by tell-tale signs that could be identified during regular maintenance. We offer IMS bearing replacements, and because we are not constrained in the same way as an Official Porsche Centre, we can also replace yours with an upgraded Ceramic IMS bearing.

Tiptronic & PDK transmission gearboxes are generally robust, but like all mechanical components, there can be issues. Typically, this might be a sensation of slipping, juddering or vibration. You may notice the feeling under acceleration, pulling away, when reversing, manoeuvring, or turning tightly. If you are experiencing this issue, please make an appointment to diagnose and resolve the problem quickly. If it is indeed an internal transmission fault, failure can occur soon after the sensations appear.

As for manual transmissions…again, very durable, and also repairable here at Williams Crawford.

Whatever your Porsche engine or transmission needs, speak to the team and they’ll be happy to help in any way they can.

Contact us to schedule your car in for any of our engine or transmission services. Alternatively, complete the form on this page, and one of our expert team will get in touch.

Porsche Engine & Transmission Enquiry

Please complete the form below to make a Porsche engine & transmission enquiry, and one of our team will get in touch, or if it’s urgent please call our service team on 01752 840307

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