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Classic Porsche Power Steering

Fitting or converting to electric power steering (EPS) on a classic Porsche is a great upgrade.

It makes your classic Porsche much easier to drive, reduces steering weight when at slow speeds, and still gives you the feedback through your hands at higher speeds.

We have found it a really successful upgrade. It’s high quality, reliable, uses little power, and is in fact reversible. It immediately feels like a more modern Porsche.

Retrofitting EPS to classic Porsche is something that we offer, we fit with the care and expertise and thoroughness, guarantee our work and your driving pleasure.

Watch our video on how easy it makes handling a classic 911, irrespective of the size of tyre or suspension set up.

We can apply it to any air cooled Porsche 911 or 912, from the earliest models in 1964 through all F series long bonnet models, and G series impact bumper cars, including the 930 turbo.

No cutting or drilling is required, the amount of assistance you require is adjustable, and the load on the engine, compared to a hydraulic power assisted steering is significantly reduced. Your steering ratio remains the same and its can be installed without permanently harming the originality of a special Porsche.

Read our blog and watch our video on electric power steering HERE.

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