Porsche restoration
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Porsche Restoration

We offer full restoration and bespoke build services, whether it’s a factory quality concours restoration on a rare or collectable classic, a back date or a hot rod project.

If you would like to discuss building something unique we have the skill and understanding to make it a reality.

We have been Porsche specialists for over 25 years, during which time have accumulated a great deal of expertise and experience. We have assembled a skilled team lead by our master restorer Graham Kidd. We are capable of refinishing or rebuilding your special Porsche to a world class standard.

Restoration projects include a near priceless ‘73 RS Touring, a ’67 SWB 911, a ’71 Targa plus the wonderful ’58 356 Cab and a 64’ 356 coupe for a client in Texas. We are currently mid-way through a stunning ’77 Martini Turbo!

Our bespoke builds include our famous “JagerBomb” ’85 930 Turbo, the UK’s first supercharged 964 Carrera 4 S Cabrio, a gorgeous ’79 SC backdate, hot rod project and a great 964 Targa.