Porsche restoration
Case Studies

We restore classic Porsche; 356, 911, 964 & 993.

Customers send Porsche to our restoration facility from all over the world. We pride ourselves in our ability to create a final product that deserves the Porsche badge and one that operates the way it should. We can discuss a rebuild of your Porsche to factory quality, or modify, change, adapt or improve it to your requirements.

We have craftsmen with the right attitude and experience with Porsche 356 and early 911. We also have decades of experience with all impact bumper (G series) 911, 930, 964, 964 RS and 993. It is that experience that provides the knowledge of how things should be done, how things should work and overcoming the difficulties.  

Your project starts with our assessment. Following that we discuss a plan and options.  The next step is for our team to dismantle and document the condition of all components and record with pictures. From there we can decide which components to re-use, refurbish or replace.

Your restoration is overseen by our master restorer Graham Kidd. To call Graham a Porsche specialist would be an understatement – he is a walking, talking Porsche encyclopedia and true world-renowned expert in classic Porsche restoration.

You are welcome to inspect as the project moves along. All major projects are recorded digitally and on paper, with 100’s of photographs and video available to share. Once completed, both Graham and Adrian Crawford will put some testing miles on your new Porsche and finally arrange a time to present it to you. This is the best bit! It’s a big day and it’s our pleasure to see clients with the end result they dreamed of.

Restoration overview video