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Classic Porsche

Classic Porsche at Williams Crawford

We were dealing with classic Porsche long before they were actually a ‘classic’, and our experience of how they ‘would have been’, makes such a difference to our understanding, and consequently to you. So, whether you are considering buying, selling, restoring or repairing, our advice is based on decades of Porsche experience, and 1000’s of ‘Classic Porsche’ from 356 through all 911, 964 and 993.

Are you considering purchase?

We love to match enthusiasts to their dreams and help them avoid the nightmares of ‘getting it wrong’. The cost of buying something that ‘looks good’ but it isn’t could be substantial, however, our advice is free.

Coming soon…our free guide: Buying a Classic Porsche – the top ten essentials.

Do you need expert restoration, repairs or updates?

It is most likely we can help with whatever you need, but it’s guaranteed that we can advise irrespective of model. Our team within our restoration department have produced world-class restorations of very high-value Porsche 356, 911, RS and 930 Turbo, amongst many others. Take a look at just a few of our restoration case studies.

For a complete restoration of your beloved Porsche, or if you want to simply improve some details, our experts can take care of it. We get the job done.

Coming soon…our free guide: Restoration nightmares and tips how to avoid them.

Are you interested in updates, modifications, or improvements?

We take your dream and turn it into reality.

We are happy to share our experience of how to get what you want from your classic Porsche, from cosmetic changes, backdating, wide body, ST, and bespoke builds, to new paint or new interior trim. We can also help improve performance, install power steering, or even install air conditioning. We take your dream and turn into reality.

Call our team or email us for free advice, and see where we could help take you on your Porsche journey.

Porsche models we look after.

We look after all Porsche, including classics such as 356, 911, 930 turbo, 964, 993, 944, 968, 928, 924 and now, we are beginning to see 996 also come through. If you love Porsche, we can help.

Nationwide and worldwide.

We receive cars from all around the world, and we can organise or advise on collecting your Porsche from wherever it may be located, or in whatever condition it is in, fit or needing revival. We can also advise on shipping, tax, and currency benefits, for both restoration or buying & selling.

Whatever your classic Porsche needs we welcome your enquiry.

Classic Porsche Stock Alerts

To receive all the latest stock alerts for classic Porsche coming into Williams Crawford, please complete the form below. If you are after something specific please call the team on 01752 840307.

How to Choose a Restoration Partner.

This guide will help you in choosing a restoration partner, and applies if you are seeking a full restoration, bespoke build, major repairs, or major modifications.

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