Williams Crawford Motorsport

We have the experience and expertise to assist with preparing your Porsche for motorsports or adventure. Look at any event, especially where older cars are being used, there are so many unnecessary failures. Crossing the finish line safely and successfully is dependant on a thorough understanding of what may cause issues.  Here at Williams Crawford we understand what’s required.

Many of our team have competition experience. Both Adrian Crawford and Richard Williams have participated in various events having prepared and maintained their own cars with their own hands.

With our Passion for Porsche, we are exceptionally proud of the historic and current contributions the marque have made in all areas of motorsport. We love the fact that your road-going Porsche are also capable of delivering thrilling performances on track too.

Many of our customers like to use their Porsche for more than just the roads; our team has the experience to prepare a car for every level of use – track days, rallying, hillclimbs, endurance events and full race weekends. Anything from a simple check over to a fully FIA spec’d racing car, we can deliver. We can even recommend events in which you may like to compete and advise and prepare a car especially for you.

And it’s not just Porsche. We have worked our magic on other makes – BMW, Alfa Romeo, Ford, Lotus…….

Motorsport at Williams Crawford
It's not just Porsche we can help you with......

What we do

  • Engine modifications, rebuilds, tuning and power increases.

  • Exhaust system upgrades

  • Transmission changes, gear ratios, diffs etc

  • Safety fuel systems

  • Suspension and steering upgrades, four wheel alignment & corner weighting

  • Roll cages, race seats & safety harnesses.

  • Fire extinguisher systems, emergency cut out systems etc

  • Navigation systems etc

Fully FIA prepared at Williams Crawford for the Silverstone Historic Masters 2018