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Classic Porsche Air Conditioning

Retro fitting air conditioning to your classic Porsche.

We provide the best solution for retrofitting air conditioning to your Classic Porsche, and we believe this system to be the best solution to bring comfort to your classic Porsche.

What we like, and with our years of hands-on experience, is the quality of this system. The volume of cold air, the lack of complexity (once installed), and the fact that we can build it into a classic Porsche unobtrusively, makes this a great addition to your car. It’s proven to be reliable and efficient, and it takes far less power from your engine over other solutions.

The original systems that were installed in era, were not of the same quality as the rest of a Porsche, neither were they reliable or efficient in the day, let alone years later.

Many of our customers have already benefitted from clean, cold air conditioning in their classic 911. We have fitted many of these electric air conditioning systems, and adapted them for different installations, including 1973 911 RS, 1967 912, 1966 911 SWB, and countless 1974-1989 G series models, plus the later 964 and 993 series.

We custom fit for you to gain the most efficiency and with an integrated factory appearance inside the car, with a professional appearance underneath.

Key features of the system:
  • All Electric. Built using modern components.
  • Lightweight. Weighs around 16 kg + 1.5kg lightweight hose set.
  • Compact. Fits in the front luggage bay.
  • Simple to use.
  • Double cage blower with an integrated evaporator.
  • Energy Efficient. Uses less than 1 HP of engine power.

Our air conditioning system will be fitted with care and the utmost attention to detail, even in custom applications such as a 1973 911 RS, we were able to fit without damage to the long-term originality of a valuable car.

Suitable for your 911 or 912, from the earliest short wheelbase through to the last of the G series cars 964 and 993.

We have also utilised the same system and re-engineered it for extremely difficult applications, such as a right-hand drive Ferrari Dino 246.

Take a look at our blog, showing images of the completed installation HERE.

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