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A ‘Safari’ Porsche of Your Own?

How would that look?

Would it be a Porsche Classic or a Cayenne? A perhaps a 997 or a 912?

A Porsche that wraps both practicality and style together. Looking just as good covered in mud as it does clean. A Porsche that you can attack the potholes, ponds and speedhumps with abandon, or head to the Alps any time of year.

The style is as functional as it is fun, derived from when Porsche first entered 911’s in the East African Safari rally back in the late 60’s. Strengthened 911’s, raised suspension, and crash bars.

Typically, Porsche continued racing off-road as it was a great way to develop their cars, the ones we drive today. In the 1980’s, with the 911 3.0 SC, Porsche changed the character and pace of the Paris-Dakar. The 911 was stronger, and faster, than anything previously entered. Following that, they entered using a 4-wheel drive 959, and a simplified version of this transmission, gave us the 964 Carrera four years later.

Soon after the launch of the Cayenne in 2006 Porsche proved their machinery once again with a one-two finish on the 10,000-kilometre TransSyberia Rally, from Berlin via Moscow, Novosibirsk, Mongolia, Irkutsk, and Lake Baikal. This was achieved by a pair of 2006 Cayenne S, with only minor adjustments from the production specification.

Moving to this year, Porsche offer a re-engineered 992 with raised suspension, underbody protection, and much more, allowing you to use it on any road or trail.

No other manufacturer of sports cars has the depth of knowledge, and engineering expertise, as Porsche.

Here at Williams Crawford, we have a fair bit of the same DNA too. We have restored many classic Porsche of all types, we have built competition Porsche, and created bespoke Porsche…delivering them Worldwide…not yet have we created a Safari style.

Would you like one? If so, based on which model?

Call us to discuss your vision, whether you want to add style to your existing Porsche, or commission a unique Porsche build of your own.

Here’s some images that we’ve managed to find ourselves, but there’s a lot more inspiration to see on Google too!

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